ClickBank Enabling Adsense-like Context-Specific Ads for Their Publisher Products: Make More Money From ClickBank

The latest news from ClickBank will rock both the affiliates and advertisers. On 18th this month, ClickBank announced its new ad serving network, just like Google Adsense that will help affiliates promote context-specific CB products through a CB widget they can place on their websites. Affiliate networks like Pepperjam Network already has this feature.

Though, right now the ad serving hasn't started, advertisers can create and maintain their own ads for their products. If you are a CB advertiser, click here to create your ad that will link to your product(s). See below to see how a typical ad will look.
Clickbank Adserving platform, typical ad

This first phase of the ad-serving platform will help publishers create three lines of text for better describing their products. Once this first phase is completed, the advertisements will be included into the CB Marketplace XML feed, and will roll out the ad-serving platform for affiliates.

This means, if you are an affiliate, you will be able to have a CB widget that will display context-specific ad just like Adsense. These ads are pay per action (PPA), which means, if the visitor clicks on the ad and purchases the product, you get the commission for the sale.

Typical commissions in ClickBank range above 50 per cent. Most of the top-selling products have 75 per cent commissions enabled, which will help you earn as much as $30-50 for a single sale.

A normal image link on your sidebar is far less effective than a text advertisement based on the context. Since these advertisements are served mainly to the search-traffic customers, rather than the wandering visitor, affiliates are more likely to make sales. The likelihood is actually enormous, because the visitor has a need and a presale is already done.

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  1. I have been manually making my own "Adsense" type ads for clickbank products for a couple years now so can't wait to give this new service ago!


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