The FaceTV: Facebook Opens Doors to Full-length Television Series, the Full List Here!

It's completely video revolution now, after YouTube's move to HD technology and widening their screen size, it's Facebook that upgrades its video reach.

Facebook Goes television

Facebook announced its decision to go completely television-friendly with the inception of a new series of applications that will enable full-length television series viewing on Facebook. Many popular shows like The Simpsons, Two and a Half Men, Grey's Anatomy, etc., are there.

Facebook's "new generation of applications", TV Loop 'Addicted to' and Mesmo TV, enable this feature.

Sad news is that the direct streaming from television channels and the video sites is available only to the US residents, not outsiders.

Here is the complete list of programs with link to the application. Click and add to your Facebook account to watch these shows:

[Thanks to ZDNet for the image]

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