Google Adwords Search-based Keyword Suggestion Tool: A Review

Yesterday, Google announced its latest tool on keyword targeting, the Adwords Search-based Keyword Tool, right now available as Beta release to all advertisers in the US and the UK. This keyword suggestion tool takes into account the search queries Google has on its main search site and other various regional sites, and optimizes this data for your Adwords advertisement campaigns. This tool is important not only to the Adwords users, but also to others, who run websites without advertising. We will have a review of this tool in this post.

What Is The Search-based Keyword Tool? How Is It Different From the Adwords Keyword Tool?

Search-based Keyword tool gives keywords and landing page ideas based on your website URL and your existing Adwords campaigns. It generates suggestions based on the anonymous data on the searches made on as well as other subsidiaries like

Unlike the normal, Google Adwords Keyword tool, the search-based keyword tool gives the bid suggestion for a keyword, besides the monthly search volume and competition information.

The tool finds out the keyword suggestions based on the content it finds on your website. It then pairs the keyword suggestions to the respective pages.

The representation of the details of competition for each keyword in a green graphical scale is another important feature of this tool, something it shares with the Adwords Keyword tool. When the data is exported, this green graph is converted to a scale of zero to ten, just like PageRank, with ten being the highest competition.

Which Type of Keyword Matching Types Are Used?

The search-based keywords tool uses all types of keyword matching found on your Adwords campaign, such as broad match, phrase match, exact match, etc. Also, it takes into account your negative keywords.

A broad match is a loose matching of keywords, which displays your ad also for the related searches. For instance, if your keywords are "Florida lawyers" then your ad will be displayed for "lawyers Florida", "Good lawyers Florida", as well as for singular form of the keyword (Good Florida Lawyer) and related search queries like "Floridian attorneys".

A phrase match is done if you have an exact phrase for which you want your ad to appear. Example, if you have "Florida lawyers" as a phrase match, then your ad will not appear for "lawyers Florida" or "Florida lawyer". But it will appear for the query, "Good Florida lawyers", since the phrase comes inside the query.

Exact match on the other hand makes your ad be displayed only for the exact phrase you specify. So exact match for [Florida Lawyers] phrase will not display an ad for query, "Good Florida Lawyers".

The tool suggests keywords based on matching types on your Adwords campaigns. It also takes into account the negative keywords, those you want removed from your campaigns, specified with a minus sign.

Usage Tips

You can use the tool by logging in using your Adwords account. The tool is also available externally, just like the Keyword suggestion tool.

When you are logged in, you will have access to more features, such as saving the keyword suggestions as draft inside the tool, exporting the suggestions to any external spreadsheet application, and using it through your Adwords account.

Make sure, however, that you review each suggestion before adding it to your Adwords campaigns, because Google explicitly states that the tool may not produce the best results.

In order to use the suggestions in your Adwords campaigns, you can use the exported file. And for a great number of suggestions, you can also use the recommended Adwords Editor.

What It Has in Store for Non-Adwords Users?

This tool can be used productively also by the non-Adwords users. Though there are means to find out competition and payment required for a particular search query on Adwords, using various Adwords tools, the search-based keyword tool makes this information available in one place.

With this tool, normal web publishers, who don't use Adwords, can get suggestions on keywords to optimize their sites for the best Return of Investment (ROI). Just go to the main page of the tool, and click See Top Keywords Across All Categories. You will see the keywords that attract the highest bids, monthly search volume, and competition arranged in order of the monthly search volume.

Now you know which keywords to optimize your pages for, and which not. Reviewing any affiliate program with an eye on the most converting keyword from these suggestions will help you get not only more sales, but also higher pay per click on Adsense.


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