Google's New SearchWiki: A Cool New Search Rollout

Google's new SearchWiki feature is not yet available to all users, well at least not to me. Yesterday, its official announcement happened (at the bottom), with this attached video:

SearchWiki allows you to deeply customize your search results in Google, while logged into your account. You can add or remove any results, move up or down any of the displayed results, and create notes on any of them. This helps greatly improve your work efficiency: another major reason why you should use Google search.

How to use it (another video):

The customized results will always be available whenever you search for the same query.

Effect on Social Bookmarking

I had tested this feature when it was available in the Google Labs as experimental. And my review is entirely positive about it. It's a potential Delicious killer. It can in the long-run kill all major social bookmarking services. Why you use bookmarking is to keep a record of all URLs that you want to track. But with this feature, you can track any websites right inside your Google search results.

For instance, let's assume you like to look at for all major breaking news. But the normal Google search doesn't list Fox News in the first page for search, 'Fox News'.

You can now customize this search: put the URL,, see its preview, and add it to the top of your customized search result page (SERP). This will appear always when you search for 'breaking news'. You can put twenty other major news sources and place them at the first two SERPs. Now, these pages will always be there when you are logged into Google account and search for 'breaking news'.

Just like this, you can create search query filters for all the major searches you do and the URLs you like will always be there for all your queries.

Killing Web Spam Substantially

SearchWiki can help kill the web spam substantially. For all major searches, there are spam results coming on the top. These pages, which do not contribute anything toward the searched keyword, appear on the top merely due to their blackhat SEO activities. Normally, with SearchWiki, a user will kill all such spam pages and use only those, which genuinely interest him. He may also select any non-ranking relevant page and put into the search results for the query. This alerts Google of the usefulness of a particular search result.

Also, the users get to control Google search a lot, which means following top users of this experiment can help you get high quality resources, which may not normally appear on search results.

But we are apprehensive if it will open a door wide for enormous spamming activity!


The negative is that the customized results will appear only for the query you specify, not for related queries also. For instance, your customized result for 'breaking news' will not be available for 'latest news'.

But this may only be temporary and the searchWiki team may come up with new features too soon!

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The Official Announcement
GoogleSystem gives you a way to test SearchWiki if it is not yet available to you (but it doesn't work now it seems)

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