Woe Day: Author Michael Crichton Is No More

Michael Crichton Died in Los Angeles of CancerI am unfortunate not to know this news at the right time. Author Michael Crichton, one of my most favorite writers, died of cancer in Los Angeles on Tuesday, very ‘unexpectedly’ as the author website says. You can read my review of Michael’s writing in another post.

Crichton is the author of best-selling novels, Jurassic Park and the Lost World, both made into films by Steven Spielberg. He was also a prominent filmmaker. In modern Science Fiction, he was regarded by most to be the best of the best.

Crichton was born in Chicago on Oct 23, 1942, and graduated (MD) from the Harvard Medical School. He also taught anthropology at the University of Cambridge and writing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He created the popular television medical drama series, ER, which won the Emmy Award.

Michael’s loss is a loss to the world’s entire fiction community.

We pay homage to the great man…

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