A Foreign Source Hacks Into Obama & McCain Campaign Computers

A serious development yesterday might surprise all. The campaign computers used by the candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain are reported as having been hacked into by an unnamed foreign entity in the mid-summer. [News sources at the bottom]

CNN reported that the hack may have been initiated by a foreign government or organization with aim to investiagate the policy positions "in order to gain leverage in future dealings with whomever is elected."

Another source affiliated to CNN also reported that the FBI approached both McCain and Obama campaigns to investigate the problem, though the campaigns hired private companies to solve the issue.

Though there is no correspondence as to who the foreign entity is, the Times Online reported:

in what appears to have been an intelligence-gathering operation by Russia or China, it has emerged.

The hack was reported and thought of as a computer virus that seemed to access important personal information in a sophisticated manner from the candidate systems, which made the federal agents visit the campaign to investigate it further.

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  1. Yes, because I'm sure the web server contains all of their secrets beyond what is publicly displayed.


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