Wow! Isn't That Mr. Lenin Nair Blogging for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer?

Dear folks, here is a news for you. Today, I kick-started my reader blog at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer here: SWR or The Seattle Web Report, my personal blog on technology. Seattle Post Intelligencer (Seattle P-I or more popularly known as the P-I) is the oldest newspaper from Seattle, Washington. It is affiliated to the Seattle Post and the Seattle Times.

You can view my picture, bio, the introduction to the blog, and two initial posts in the SWR.

This blog is going to be my journey through web entrepreneurship. I am writing on various topics including SEO, online moneymaking, affiliate marketing, and more. Hope you will check this blog out and subscribe.

Well, frankly I am a little amused at the opportunity that came my way. Though the P-I doesn’t pay their reader bloggers (as opposed to staff bloggers), not many qualify to blog there.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can apply to blog for the P-I. The bloggers are required to post a picture and give their permanent address for background checks. Also, blogging is not lucrative business here. You don’t have control over most things—you are not allowed to post advertisements, affiliate links, or any promotional content. Everything should be fair and straightforward.

By the way, how good is the name and niche I chose: SWR and web technologies? Cool huh?

But a person like me can clearly see an opportunity when it comes my way. Getting featured on a newspaper blog (whether reader blog or not) is a great way to boost my own blog’s traffic. The P-I has an Alexa rank in the thousand. It’s a print newspaper and hugely popular blog network getting millions of monthly visits. Getting featured in such a newspaper as a blogger is one of the primary steps to getting into bigger places.

The P-I interactivity editor, Mr. Don Smith made my entry a breeze. Thanks to him for understanding and appreciating my blog idea.

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2 Opinions:

  1. Hi Lenin,

    Just read the news regarding your newspaper blog gig! Congratulations, I could hear the pride in your words :) What a wonderful opportunity, I am sure you will develop a loyal following.

    Keep up the good work,

  2. Hi Monica, thanks a lot for the comment. Yes, I am very thrilled to land this opportunity.


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