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Following someone on Twitter shouldn't only be for self-promotion. If you need to make it profitable, you can learn a little bit about twittering to make affiliate sales here. My advice is to follow me for the tweets I make, not to let me know the tweets you make. I don't usually follow anyone that follows me.

Why I Follow Whom I Follow?

1. They provide me with important updates.
2. They are good twitterers who are there not to promote their business alone.
3. People like Liz Strauss and Darren Rowse are so good twitterers that they reply to you however busy they are.
4. They also tweet good resourceful links that I will find useful.

Why Should You Follow Me?

1. I tweet useful articles
2. I read all my tweet replies nowadays and reply whenever I get a message.
3. You will find links to any interesting article I read.

When Will I Start Following You?

1. Tweet to me (@vjlenin), anything you find interesting. Take time to read through my tweets and @reply me if you find anything interesting.
2. Build your profile not for self-promotion.
3. Let me know any cool link that I can read and share (not only the link to your blog).

Here is My Twitter Profile for you to follow.

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3 Opinions:

  1. There I am following you now. I like Twitter. Twitter is pretty interesting. I am Bookcalendar on twitter. I like posting quotes and short haiku. Twitter has some interesting aspects about it.

  2. Hi Book Calender, thanks for that.

  3. HI:
    I am with you there on people following because they like what you have to say, vs expecting a "follow-back" or they'll drop you. I don't follow people whose content contain nothing of interest to me, so why clutter my timeline with it? I have enough "internet popularity" elsewhere (which, in all honesty, isn't all that great in life's big scheme) to worry about building some huge fan base. I tweet when I want, about what I want, and if people like it, great. If they get my attention (through a mention or something) I'm much more likely to follow back than if they just start following me and never interact with me (I don't have time to comb through all my new followers and deal with all that). Anyway, I'm glad to see someone finally put it out there about following to read someone's tweets, not to make them read your tweets. I've tried to say this a few times myself but it seems few "get the memo." Ha-ha. (And yes, I did start following you and your two friends.) I'm not a daily user but I tweet enough to stay "relevant" and I tweet a lot of diverse topics. But I will never remember to alert any specific person when I tweet something "of possible interest," so no worries about a follow-back. Thanks also for the blog information, it's good to get a variety of perspectives.


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