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I have decided to start helping amateur bloggers more by giving away some services through my blog, in exchange for an optional link at the bottom of your blog. Here are they.

Set Up a Free Professional Blogger Blog

Are you new to the blogging world? Do you have no professional blogging experience? Don't you know the ways to set up a blog and start earning from it? Then I can help you with it. I will set up a blog for you in the Google Blogger platform (yes, only that).

Once finished setting up, I will place links enough for it to get indexed in Google. So, your promotion will be very easy from that point on. I will place optimized Google Adsense code in the blog for you to earn from it. You can specify your Adsense publisher ID if you have one. I will also place some basic affiliate product links from ClickBank to earn from product sale commissions. You can replace the Clickbank ID with your own, if you have one. Otherwise, sign up in ClickBank to get one.

I will edit your template to make it validate to the W3C rules. This is important for the success of a blog. Blogger software inherently has several pieces of invalid code, and hence it can't be validated fully. But your blog will have far fewer errors than normal Blogger blogs.

All you need to do is let me know your blog proposal, with the following details. Contact me through my contact form and let me know:

1. The proposed blog name
2. The address you want for your blog (
3. The design you want to use, if publicly available from any source
4. If you have Adsense account, the publisher ID
5. If you have ClickBank account, the affiliate ID

If you already have a blog and wish to design it professionally, let me know the address through the contact form and invite me to be an administrator of your blog.

I will place a link to CW at the bottom of your blog. Though you can remove it at your own leisure, I request that you keep it live. It will help promote this blog.

More Services Will Come Soon

[Disclaimer: Though anyone can request me service through my contact form, please don't expect me to respond to all requests. Also, I don't provide any technical support for these free services. You can read here my complete usage policy.]

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  1. Hi Lenin, your are so kind on helping someone especially those new on blogging online. Your will have more success by doing this because of helping others.

    Good Day And God Bless,


  2. Hello, it's Julius again and I'm so thankful of what you have done on helping me to get my blog more professional. Again, thank you and more success to on helping others.




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