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Blogger's Social (Media) Services: You Can't Miss These!

[CW faces its first new year. Happy and Prosperous New Year to All Readers and Fans!!!]

Today, let's see some of the indispensable social services, in which every blogger that wants to be successful must have profile. If you haven't signed up on these places yet, go ahead and do it without fail.

1. Facebook

Facebook is the second largest social network in the world, with more than a hundred million users, most of who are from the US. Though MySpace is the largest social network, Facebook is so popular and so well-formed that you will make better, more useful connections through it. Connect with me in Facebook.

No other social network really makes a big difference than Facebook. However, Google's Orkut is more preferable if your business concentrates in Brazil or India.

2. Twitter

Twitter is the in thing and there is no shadow of doubt about it. Many professional bloggers and company officials have their own twitter profiles, and hence it is a great way to connect with all of them quickly.

Breaking news, new ideas, thoughts, posts, etc., all come to Twitter very quickly. It is a great marketing tool if you know how to use it well. Follow me on Twitter @vjlenin.

3. BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog

Blogging networks like BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog are indispensable for all bloggers. Simply because these networks allow you to connect with fellow bloggers for such activities as link/post exchange, promotion, readership exchange, and more.

BlogCatalog is independent, free, and very useful, while MyBlogLog (now owned by Yahoo!) requires you to have a paid membership to get all benefits. Make sure you make full use of its features of BlogCatalog like blog groups, broadcasts, member shouts, etc. Connect with me in MyBlogLog.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest and most productive professional network out there. It is more refined and free-of-spam than Facebook, MySpace, or Hi5. It was created originally as a job-hunting network for software professionals to show off their resumes to potential employers. Now, it is more than that. You can actually connect with professionals in various fields for a lot of business relationships. Hence, it is indispensable. Connect with me in LinkedIn.

5. Technorati

Having your blog recognized by the largest blog-only search engine, Technorati is extremely important. Technorati is still one of the biggest authorities in blogosphere. Claiming your blog on Technorati is no big deal. Also, use the Technorati ping tool when you publish new entries (though, claimed blogs automatically get picked by it).

6. Digg and Other Social Media Sites

If you are looking for promotion in the social media framework, Digg is the first consideration. Besides Digg, other popular social media sites like Mixx, Delicious, StumbleUpon, etc., are indispensable. You need to also consider working on topic-specific social media sites, such as Bibsonomy for literature enthusiasts.

7. DP, Webmasterworld, and Other Major Forums

DigitalPoint Forums, Webmasterworld forums, etc., are the biggest and most important forums for all types of bloggers, though they concentrate primarily on blogging, web-mastering, and SEO.

Besides these two major forums, I advise you to find niche-specific forums for your own specific niche. That will help you get more famous in your niche.


Did I miss anything? I guess not. But if I did, please let me know by comments.

[Happy New Year once again to all! Keep promises, do good, and make investments to strengthen our economy in this fresh new penultimate year of this decade]

Copyright © Lenin Nair 2008 - 2009


  1. The problem, as I see it, with any form of advertising on a web log is that the reader may get the impression that the author of the blog is not really interested in developing their readership… but only interested in generating some cash.

    In the terms of developing an interaction with your reader, this is not a very "social" attitude.

    When I started “blogging” in 2003 I did so because I felt that I had a “story” to tell, which may interest others. I certainly wouldn’t want to send my readers away chasing after some advertisement.


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