How to Create a Cool New Twitter Widget?

In this post, we will see how you can create a beautiful Twitter widget like the one you see on my sidebar. Make sure you follow me @vjlenin.

Step 1: Fetch Your Twitter Feed

Go to your Twitter account profile and see at the bottom for a link called RSS. This is your twitter RSS feed. Get the URL of the feed and keep it ready.

Step 2: Create Widget

Go to Widgetbox. If you don't have an account, you may need to sign up. Widgetbox helps you create widgets from RSS feeds. From "My Widgetbox" tab, choose the option, 'Make a Widget'.

Step 3: Choose Widget Type

You will find several types of widgets you can create with this service. From these, you have to choose the widget type as Blog/Feed and input the feed URL to your Twitter RSS feed. Now, click 'Continue'.

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widgetbox widget type choosing

Step 3: Customize Widget

On clicking 'Continue', the widget will be created based on your Twitter feed. Now, you have to customize it according to your needs. Widgetbox offers quite a few customization options for your widget. You can choose colors, designs, width, height, display icon, display text, description, etc.

widget customization
widget customization image
In the 'Edit Blidget details' section, choose 'Listed' in gallery options to have your widget listed in the Widgetbox gallery. Choose tags and description for the widget for others to easily find it. After you are done with the customization, click 'Save Blidget'. You are done! The widget is ready.

Step 4: Embed the Widget

Now, as the final step, embed the widget to your blog, and let others know of it. The widget will directly link to your Twitter profile and continue to fetch updates you make. Your readers will be able to go to the specific status page on clicking the tweet link. Make sure that you have chosen an image, like the Twitter logo on my widget.


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