How to Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool More Effectively?

You may well know about Google Adwords Keyword tool. It's one of the most effective keyword research tools out there, and it comes completely free. The tool shows the number of searches done on Google in the past month and approximate average number of searches for each suggested keyword. Let's see how you may be using it now, and how you can innovate with it.

Normal Use

1. Go to the tool
2. Input the keyword/keywords you want to rank well for in the text area.
3. Check the 'Use synonyms' checkbox.
4. And off you go. You will get a list of keywords with search volume details. If you don't check 'Use synonyms', you will get a list with fewer keywords. In the 'Additional keywords to consider' list, you will find even more related keywords.

Better Ways to Explore This Tool

1. Website/Content Analysis

If you are doing casual keyword research, you may not truly understand the full power of this tool. You may use it in the above-said way. Still, your ultimate aim is to rank well for a keyword. For that, Google keywords tool offers you a cool feature, 'Website content', the radio button below 'Descriptive words or phrases'. Click it, and you will find the option to input a URL.

Since your aim is to rank high for the keyword, you need to go to Google and search for that keyword to see which web pages rank for it. Make the list of the first ten URLs.

Now, analyze each site in the keyword tool. Just put in the site's URL in the box and click 'Get keyword ideas'. The effectiveness of this method is that you will be able to compare the high-ranking site with your own. Just analyze your own page and see which keyword(s) you are missing. Edit the pages to include the suggested and related keywords, and you are done.

Alternatively, you may use the content analysis tool that actually checks the text of the site. You can input the text by clicking the link 'Or enter your own text below'.

2. Match Type

You have another cool feature too, match type. This is the last column in the keyword results list. Four types of matching are available—broad, phrase, exact, negative. For more information about them, check out this Google help page.

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