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Here is a review of a blogging coaching program that has been making waves in the Internet. Blogging to the Bank Version 3.0 (link opens in new window) is a blog coaching program by Rob Benwell. Rob Benwell is a professional blogger that earns six-figure income from his network of blogs every month. And this program is all about creating, managing, and monetizing multiple blogs in the right way.

Another important aspect of Blogging to the Bank is that this is not the result of years of dedicated blogging, but only a few months when it was launched first in 2006, which makes it the quick and timely guide for a wannabe blogger. Rob worked and created this impressive program, when he had just started this blogging and was still earning a small fortune from it. After its success, version 2 came in 2007, and now, in the version 3.0 of this program there is a lot more of inside information for you to explore.

Blogging to the Bank

Success of Blog Through Search Engine Traffic

In fact, this program has been in existence well before people like Yaro Starak of started their own professional blog coaching programs; BlogMastermind is Yaro's program which itself is getting a lot of buzz these days.

Blogging success is all about getting high traffic through good search engine optimization. While many methods to get high rankings are described by many people freely on the Net, industry secrets and some hidden facts are still extant. Many alleys are not yet fully explored. For instance, Rob was able to get higher ranking for one of his sites with only 20 links, than a site with 1000 links, which definitely is the result of some of his secrets.

The coaching program goes through various steps, guiding you as to how you can not only write keyword rich content that gets picked up by search engines fast, but also get higher rankings in search engines.

You know automated blogs can make money?

I have only heard that automated blogs make money, but this program has shown it. There are automated blogs that make anything above 10,000 dollars every month. This is quite a lot for no work. And it shows how impressive the program itself is. If you are real quick in applying, you can actually get a ready-made blog itself with this program as a bonus.

Working on a blog's traffic is the most difficult thing for any blogger. Here, Rob offers some traffic secrets through Blogging to the Bank, which, he describes, made one of his blogs earn 250,000 monthly visitors. Now, that is a lot of traffic, and more than many professional bloggers themselves get for their blogs.

Monetizing content with that kind of traffic requires very little work. On the top of that, the program offers paid traffic secrets, with which you can make huge amounts of money over and over again by traffic generated through such PPC advertisement networks as Google AdWords.

Blogging Networks

How to create and manage blog networks successfully? That's another major topic of this program. Blog networks, such as Darren Rowse's B5Media are huge moneymaking machines. They simply churn out cash. It is hence really important for you to expand your blog and create a blog network itself that concentrates on various interesting and high-earning topics.

Did you know that certain niches can make you several times more return of investment than certain others? For instance, how many of you know that one click in Adsense ad can pay as much as 100 dollars? Such niches, if you work on them properly, can earn you huge fortunes in very little time, simply since they are highly lucrative and have high competition for most effective keywords.

Blogging to the Bank explains these factors clearly and gives you an unfair advantage over your competition.

The Extras You Can Get

Securing your order from Blogging to the Bank 3.0 link and being quick at it will get you these extras:

Bonus 1: Ready-made Blogs (1,200 USD value)

For the next hundred purchasers only. The ready-made blogs have all 20 articles to start with, in five different high-paying niches, fully set up with banners and affiliate details, so that you can start working on them right away.

Bonus 2: Rob's Underground Seminar Presentation

For the next three hundred purchasers, Rob Benwell's own underground seminar presentation is available as PowerPoint slideshow. This seminar is in which Rob first presented to the world his moneymaking tricks and techniques, which flabbergasted the listeners, as Rob's techniques surpassed all their thoughts. Rob made as much as $2,000 from these presentations themselves.

Bonus 3: Article assistance

Article Assistance is an article submitter software program. With this, you can submit your articles to as many as 150 article directories to get incoming links. These articles, which are an important part of your article marketing campaigns, can build backlinks to your blogs in no time at all, and that too, high quality, regular backlinks.

Bonus 4: Blog Announcer Pro

Rob Benwell's Blog Announcer Pro is a blog submission software that is used to submit your blog to search engines and targeted link directories so that you can get instant recognition for your blog as you publish new posts.

Blog announcer pro itself is a piece of software that is making waves in the blogosphere with its effectiveness in giving you above top seven guaranteed positions in search engines. With Blogging to the Bank 3.0 (use this link), you can get this software absolutely free, but only if you are quick.

Bonus 5: A Report, How to Get Your Blog Indexed in 24 Hours

Getting your blog listed in the search engines index is the aim of this report. A new blog usually finds its way to the search engine listings not very quickly. I have found that WordPress blogs get indexed faster than Blogger blogs. TypePad is also quick. So, there is an obvious dependence on the CMS and tweaking techniques used. With this report, you will get your first search engine visitor within 24 hours' time, which no normal marketing technique can guarantee.

Bonus 6: Thousands of Quality Backlinks Report

This is another report you get as bonus, just like the indexing report above. Links are vital for search positions. If you can fetch thousands of them, from highly relevant pages, that really means a lot in terms of search rankings. This bonus gives you quick ways to achieve this.


You have seen Blogging to the Bank Version 3.0 comes with a lot more than just plain blog training. This is why it is enormously popular in its third version now, and other professional bloggers like Yaro Starak himself of Entrepreneurs-Journey and BlogMastermind, Carl Ocab (the youngest professional blogger), Kim Roach of, etc., support this program wholeheartedly.

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