Twitter Tricks! How to Do Various Things With Twitter?

In this post, we will explore various Twitter services out there that will help you achieve various things with this handy social tool. Be sure to follow me @vjlenin.

1. Know When Others Talk About You

With TweetBeep, you can set up Twitter alerts. These alerts can be about anything, such as your name, user ID, website URL, etc. Whenever anyone from anywhere tweets about this, you will get an email. Cool way for ego-tweeting.

2. Auto-posting on Twitter

Just sign up on TwitterFeed. It allows you to automate tweeting with any RSS/Aton feed. Just input your blog feed, and whenever it updates, a tweet will be made in your profile. In the same way, you can give your followers good content, by feeding some interesting important blogs or niche/news sites.

3. Know Whom to Follow on Twitter

Just follow MrTweet. This is a Twitterbot that will tell you some users you will be interested in following. The data is collected from your tweets and the people you are following.

4. Know When Someone Stops Following You

If you want to track if any user stops following you and enquire why, just go to Quitter and sign up an alert. TwitterLess also does this service, but seems to require your Twitter password (why? I don't know). Just follow @tless to sign up.

5. Know What's up at Twitter

Just follow Twitter's own official Twitter profile, and you will get to know everything happening in Twitter.

6. Following Twitter Conferences/Meetups

Just hashtag your tweets related to any specific topic. This means, when you start a conversation with someone on Twitter, just put a '#' before the topic and it will be tracked automatically. To track these hashtags, just to

7. Posting and Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts

You ever wanted to type one Twitter message and post it across multiple accounts you own? Then Splitweet is the tool you should use.

8. Cross-posting Your Tweets to Jaiku

By using the Twitter application, Twhirl that makes use of Adobe AIR technology, you can cross-post your tweets to your Jaiku account. It also supported Pownce accounts (which is now shut down).

9. Larger 240-character Tweets

Use BigTweet for the purpose. You can drag this button to your bookmarks toolbar to enable this: BigTweet.

10. Schedule Your Tweets

Use TweetLater. This application takes your Twitter credentials and posts on your profile at any scheduled time, which means, you can update "I am sleeping!" when you are sleeping.


So they were ten useful Twitter services. You will find updated edition of this post as newer apps are researched. Just make sure you bookmark this page.

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