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Watching Television Through Internet (iTV) at Lowest Costs: A Review of Some iTV Providers

Did you know that you could watch television programs through your computer, with an Internet connection? Yes, with a subscription, at an upfront payment and no recurring payments at all, you can get as many as 3000 TV channels and movies in HDTV/DVD quality to your computer. There are only advantages for the Internet TV (iTV) over the traditional television. Here, we have four of the best iTV providers in the market.

Here are some of the advantages:

First of all, you can choose the programs you want to watch and leave the rest. In the normal television, you have to switch channels for this, while in iTV, you have access to a particular episode of a program any time you want it. For instance, if you missed an episode of 'Grey's Anatomy', by a subscription to iTV, you can watch it any time anywhere. You don't need to install any extra hardware, such as the TV tuner card as required by the normal analog television.

Another major advantage is that no matter where you are located in the world, you have access to the television, your favorite shows, whatever may they be. This is not YouTube, so you get perfect HDTV/DVD quality for all your programs.

The only drawback you can find is that watching through Internet needs that you have basic computer knowledge, as it is not in the normal way you use it, but through a software program on your PC.

The iTV providers benefit from contextual advertisements, which are unobtrusive unlike normal television commercials; the ads are several times more effective and productive according to statistics. Moreover, since the broadcast is through the Internet, there is no need for extra equipments.

Due to these advantages, iTV is getting popular among Internet users worldwide, and as the Internet itself becomes more popular, iTV will become universal. The most important advantage is that there is no recurring payment here. You make an upfront payment and you get all the channels and programs for life. Normal TV providers want you to pay monthly twice as much iTV requires as upfront payment.

The Internet TV Providers

1. WatchDirect TV

WatchDirect TV (link opens in new window) has full length DVD quality movies (over a whopping 80 million of them), TV shows, music videos, sports, news, etc. All these are searchable and downloadable without any bandwidth limits. Also, the program provides free movie download software, DVD copying software, movie players, etc.

You have even access to programs with which you can burn the downloaded videos to DVDs or CDs. WatchDirect is the most popular movie download site out there.

2. iSoftware TV

iSoftware TV (link opens in new window) is a cool great TV subscription program that comes with over 3000 satellite TV channels. The programs available are in various categories such as sitcoms, sports, news, normal TV shows, music videos, etc. All the programs are available in DVD/HD quality.

All you need for this is an Internet connection (preferably fast) and the software that you will get on subscription. The download is instant as well. This application works with all Windows versions.

As in others, there is only a one time set up fee, and no recurring payments.

3. Satellite TV to PC

Satellite TV to PC is another wonderful option for television buffs. Here also, you get 3000 TV channels for only a mere upfront payment.

The program installs a piece of software to your PC or laptop with which you will have access to these channels, which come in wide varieties, such as News, Sports, Kids, Movies, Music, Radio, Educational, etc. This program provides channels not accessible anywhere else in the US, and downloading and installing the software are instant. The software works with all versions of Windows, and this service is available to as many as 78 countries worldwide, and in myriad languages.

[Update: Right now, the subscription is available at 50 dollars less, with only 49.95 dollars].

4. Ziggy TV

Ziggy TV is another great online TV provider, which also has 3000 plus TV channels. You will be able to find any TV show you like and subscribe to it for a minimal one-time set up fee as in the other programs above. Besides all TV shows, you have access to movies, music videos, sports, etc. Simply set up and download the software to access all the entertainment you need.


Some of these programs have special discounts now. Simply click the links to claim them. iTV is going to be a revolution once the Internet is available worldwide. Also, with myriad advantages, they are way above normal television providers.

Copyright © Lenin Nair 2008


  1. Please post this comment and answer the question.

    Why is the TVU Player not mentioned here? TVU is FREE and has many great channels like Movies Sports and even premium channels like Comedy Central and the Sci-Fi channel. Most of the above internet tv players don't have those last two, and they are what helps make TVU Player super popular.

    I think this article does a disservice to internet tv fans by not mentioning the TVU Player.

    In fact, some players above are considered scams like the Satellite TV to PC application. They are taking peoples money for channels everyone can get for free over the net. They have not one premium channel!

    Please do better research on this. I know you mean well, but I also know you don't want to send anyone to a scam site.

    John Phoenix

  2. John, thanks for the comment. I have never heard of TVU player before. In fact, I just tried it, and it seems to be pretty promising. Though, I couldn't get it to play anything due to low bandwidth problems. Yes, it can be a great recommendation to my readers. Thanks for it.

  3. Lenin,
    Thank you for posting my comment. I am sorry you had trouble with TVU. If you or your readers have at least a DSL internet connection, it should work fine. Please keep trying.

    Here is a little more info on how the TVU Player works that may help you with you low bandwidth problem.

    TVU does not stream any programs/channels themselves. TVU works on peer to peer technology. They offer a free TVU Broadcasting program to people who want to stream media. Users stream all the channels you see on TVU. In the upper right corner of the TVU Player you will see 'Bandwidth Signal' represented by some bars. If the bandwidth here is low, it may be because the user streaming the media does not have a very stable connection, or their connection speed is too slow. In this case, please try the channel layer or try another channel.

    I don't know about India based channels, because I only watch English channels, but For English speaking people in India the Sci-Fi Channel and the Comedy Central channel for example, always have high bandwidth streams.

    Keep trying, and I'm sure once you get TVU to work you will see it is really the best Internet TV player around. I say this because I have tried all of the programs you have mentioned above and have compared them. TVU has all channels the others offer and more.

    Hope this helps,
    John Phoenix


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