WhyPark.com Allows You to Earn Money From Your Parked Domains

If you are thinking about moving into online business, you must have a website hosted in a professional service. But you need to be really quick in domain registration. Since thousands and thousands of domains are registered daily, it may be a matter of days before you lose your domain name.

If you need some time for you to build your web service and host it in the domain of your choice, don't delay your domain registration, instead you should register and park the domain. We will see more about this.

Why Domain Parking?

Domain parking is the practice of simply registering the domain and keeping it until you have your web service built and designed for full operation, as opposed to hosting. A temporary way for keeping a domain.

Normal parking services don't offer you much benefit. They just put up an 'under construction' banner and keep the websites live, until you actually host your service to the domain. Also, you are not supposed to promote the domain by link building or any other ways. On the other hand, what do you think if you can promote your parked domain, design it in the way you want, provide useful temporary content to users, and most importantly make money from the parked domain?

Which Parking Service to Choose?

WhyPark (link opens in new window) is the best domain parking service that gives you all those benefits. One package allows you to host 100 websites for 99.95 dollars. Which means, less than one dollar per website. With this, you will get professional support for building more links and traffic to your parked domains. This is not offered by other parking services. Most domain parking services simply cut you off if you build links to the parked domain.

Benefits of WhyPark are many:

  • WhyPark adds automatically fresh content to your site on a regular basis, based on your choice of keywords.
  • You can promote this content and monetize it with the help of text link sales or ad networks like Adsense and others.
  • You can actually sign up on WhyPark's integrated ad network (yet another source of income)
  • High quality SEO done on parked pages
  • Free web hosting. You only need to pay for the parking.

Whypark takes a 40 per cent cut from the integrated ad network's ads. That's how they get paid through providing these services.

I needn't stress the importance of fresh content. Your readers will find it helpful, and since the site is updated regularly, they will become regular visitors. This allows you to monetize the content by putting up text links and using Adsense and other ad networks.

You may know the importance of building links and promoting your domain. While other parking services may cut you off for this, WhyPark doesn't. So, when your web service is ready and you go live, you will have a good traffic foundation for your domain. What more do you need to make your service a hit?

Go sign up on WhyPark.com and host your domains free.

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