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The Red-headed League: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Finding a news paper ad regarding a job offered only for red-headed men, a pawnbroker approaches Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Read this enchanting mystery of the red-headed men further to know the meaning of the message: "THE RED-HEADED LEAGUE IS DISSOLVED".

The Red Headed League
Written by: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I had called upon my friend, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, one day in the autumn of last year and found him in deep conversation with a very stout, florid-faced, elderly gentleman with fiery red hair. With an apology for my intrusion, I was about to withdraw when Holmes pulled me abruptly into the room and closed the door behind me.

"You could not possibly have come at a better time, my dear Watson," he said cordially.

"I was afraid that you were engaged."

"So I am. Very much so."

"Then I can wait in the next room."

"Not at all. This gentleman, Mr. Wilson, has been my partner and helper in many of my most successful cases, and I…

How to Prepare for Blogging in Travel? Seven Tips

As bloggers, with some earnings, you may find time to travel a lot. Professional bloggers have this great flexibility that they can work from anywhere. They only need a laptop and an Internet connection. Blogging in travel can instantly churn out great content for your readers, as you will be able to share your experiences through pictures, recordings, and videos.

Let's see in this post some preparations you should make for perfect blogging on travel.

1. Do Keep All Equipments Ready

When on travel, nothing helps you more than your equipments. Your laptop, video camera, recording equipment, still camera, etc., are very important in a blogging trip. Snap up anything you find interesting and record short narrations.

2. Keep Traditional Writing Equipments Ready Too!

Just as those mentioned earlier, traditional writing and drafting equipments are also important on a trip. Let's assume you are in a museum into which no electronic equipment is allowed. How would you depict your experie…

Which Is Your Favorite Web Host? Twitter Followers Talk

Our follower question yesterday was:

Question to Followers: Which hosting company and plan do you use and recommend?
Here are the insightful replies we received from our followers.

@Phil_peretz: I really like GoDaddy because of the professionalism and general helpfulness of their support staff.

@Colttrickle: I would say the deluxe plan with

@Markerlove: Dreamhost. Easy to use, but frequent and unexplained downtime.

@AlaskaArtist: I use Yahoo. It is a great host. Also, you can build your own site with Yahoo site builder.

@Ameliamichelle: I use Netrillium. I have had resellers and/or shared hosting through them for the better part of last 6 years.

@Ahdchild: Dreamhost. It's cheap. You get tons of space and bandwith. They give you lots of power to run whatever apps you want.

@Jpeters0: I have been with Hostgator for a year, great service no downtime issues and handles my 30+ sites no problem.

@Braingain: I recommend my web hosting company, One and One.

@Shouldbenapping: Recommende…

John Updike Is No More With Us

This is our tribute to one of the greatest authors of our time, John Updike, who passed away yesterday.

Pulitzer-prize-winning Updike died at the age of 76 of lung cancer. Updike, who frequented the best-seller lists, wrote 23 novels and 15 short fiction collections. His most important works include the Rabbit series (Rabbit, Run; Rabbit Redux; Rabbit Is Rich; Rabbit At Rest; and Rabbit Remembered). Two of this series have also acquired the famed Pulitzer prize.

Updike concentrated a lot on the middle-class America's sexuality, marriages, and workplace. Famous for his depiction of sex, he was awarded 2008's lifetime achievement award at Literary Review's annual Bad Sex in Fiction award, which is bestowed upon people writing "crude, tasteless, or ridiculous sexual passages in modern literature".

We mourn the death of Mr Updike.

Which Is Your Favorite News Source? Twitter Followers Talk

Yesterday, we posted a question to our Twitter followers thus:

Question to Followers: Which major news services do you use to get current affairs? CNN, BBC, Fox, CNBC, or any other?
Here are the replies we received.

@PhilStratton: I use as many as I can get info from to filter out what bias they have. I also look for alternate sources.

@DYHGarden:! [Not a great resource for all types of news, is it?]

@Underdogz: CNN

@Jezarnold: Its a cross.. Guardian Online to BBC News to Times online. The only newspaper is The Times, and of course the Metro.

@Tangokdesign: CNN online, plus I check our local paper online every other day or so.

@Gyris: BBC, mostly.

@TchrEric: CNN, HNN, Fox, and various internet sites; rarely print newspapers.

@FacingTheStreet: Re news sources: on Twitter I'm partial to @globeandmail and @cbcnews, as well as the usual CNN.

@Wsredneck: MSNBC money, Fox and CNN any paper that has a lot of pics I like coloring. Where did I put my crayons.

@Shaunabe: Daylife, Huffin…

How to Plan and Write Your News Reports Well?

There have been quite a few requests here by some readers about writing a good news report. News stories are very different from normal articles. There are no gimmicks of rhetoric, assumptions, or beliefs. There are only facts and testimonies: hard, tangible facts and testimonies from people involved and experts. Let's see how a few-paragraph news story evolves from a newsworthy event.

BBC tells the news script involves 3 c's of journalism: Clear, Concise, and Correct. A news report should be clear, without any difficult words or constructions as maybe found in articles like those written by G B Shaw. The second C tells us the news story should not be expanded with unneeded assumptions or beliefs. There should only be facts expressed as concisely as possible. And the third C tells the report should be composed only of verifiable facts. Here are the steps to writing a news report correctly.

Step 1: Get All Facts Right

First thing you need to do is obviously collecting the facts. …

Pope Has a New YouTube Account for the Entire Vatican

God's arms stretch well beyond our imaginations!

Associated Press reports from Vatican that the Pope has a new YouTube account for the entire Vatican country. The channel, titled 'the Vatican' is accessible here. In his inaugural speech, Pop Benedict XVI welcomed all the viewers to his "great family that knows no borders".

Check out the channel and let us know what you think of it. The channel has editions in Italian, English, Spanish, and Dutch. It will give the coverage of the activities of the Pope and other relevant events in Vatican.

A Few Registry Cleaning Software You Need to Check Out

Are you using Windows system to browse to this page? Are you aware of the most important database of Microsoft Windows that enables all the programs and tasks on your system? It's called Windows registry. This database can be accessed and edited using the special registry editor program supplied by Windows (Start->Run->Regedit (Regedt32)).

The registry is an extremely vulnerable area and if edited without proper knowledge, Windows may not boot at all. It may require reinstallation of the entire software. [Read the documentation of registry at]

This vulnerability is the reason why many viruses, worms, and Trojans always try to capture and modify the important parts of registry, so that they can virtually destroy your entire system. Make sure you use a professional antivirus and spyware detection tool to fend your system. Let's check out some registry optimizing and fixing software available to us.

Registry cleaning and optimizing software help you clean up …

Open Authentication in the Web 3.0: OpenID and OAuth

We are soon approaching the end of the semantic web with great user interaction and user-generated content, known as Web 2.0. The web, since its beginning in the 90's, has been envisaged to go through two major generations, which we call Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. While Web 1.0 was largely related to content generated by professional websites, Web 2.0 came with a lot of social media sites and social networks, in which anyone from anywhere could interact seamlessly.

Now, we are about to move into the third generation of the Web, Web 3.0, which will strengthen the foundation laid by Web 2.0, by providing smoother authentication and identity protocols. Two major technologies enabling this form the topic of today's post: OpenID and OAuth.

What Are OpenID and OAuth?

OpenID is a user identification standard, which lets you sign on various services with the same identity. It's just like a URL, with some special code enabled in its target page. With OpenID, when you sign up on a new serv…

Make Money With Surveys: Get Your Discount Coupon Code Here!

Have you ever known that you can earn money by sharing your experiences and knowledge in market research surveys? This helps anyone earn money online, with the most basic requirements, a computer with Internet connection. You can too!

The market research firms that pay you money for their surveys are legitimate and there are thousands of them out there. But of course there are thousands and thousands of fake survey firms that show you fake identities and certification and waste your time by promising you can earn money. Be ware of them all. This product in review, Make Money Taking Surveys [Click the discount coupon button below to access it] is a professional product that has analyzed and researched hundreds of legitimate market research firms and makes all of them available to you. For a small price.

But wait a minute, there is a discount of 50 per cent for the product now, click the following button to get the coupon code for claiming this discount right away. (Feed readers, please…

Responses to the Twitter Follower Question About Guest Blogging

Yesterday, we were doing a Twitter poll through @vjlenin and @laurelshere. Here is the question:

Follower Question: Would you rather guest-blog for a professional high-traffic blog to get your voice out or simply to promote your blog?
Here are the responses we received:

@Susangiurleo: To get voice out there. That will lead traffic to my blog.

@Mbtemiz: It depends on the high-traffic blog.

@Raincoaster: For money. [My reply: That's a mean attitude, right?!]

@Colttrickle: To promote my own blog.

@LizS4ra: I'm not a professional blogger; so, I would say no. I'd be too scared of getting things wrong. [My reply: Liz, none of the guest-bloggers who blog in professional blogs are professional bloggers. And did you know that professional bloggers are always on the lookout of guests?]

@Lhrowley: I think both... promoting your blog serves the purpose of getting your voice out.

@B2beditor: I'd do a guest blog to promote my blog.

@Travelwriticus: I would guest blog for both reasons! It'…

Some Important SEO Mistakes: The Risks of Over Optimization

Here are some important SEO mistakes. The focus is on over optimization, which comes into play when you have optimized your website in the White Hat, and you have done it too much that you are on the verge of going negative with it.

Do not use more than one H1 tag on any page.Keyword density should be kept below 2-5 %.Keywords on internal links should be kept discreet. Don't use keyword home, keyword details, keyword prices, etc., on all your menu links.Do not build all links from the high PageRank websites: For instance, if your site is PR4 and you build links only from PR4 sites (by link exchanges), then it can cause a fall in ranking. Build links from PR0 onwards.Build far more topic-specific links than out-of-niche links. If you have PR6 links from websites completely different from your niche, it instantly alerts Google of possibility of link purchase. So, have more than 80 per cent of topic-specific links.Do not use content hiding techniques in any way. Here is an example in …

'Ahead of Schedule' A Short Story by P G Wodehouse

Today, we are bringing you an interesting short story by P G Wodehouse. Read 'Ahead of Schedule' now.

Ahead of Schedule
Author: P G Wodehouse

It was to Wilson, his valet, with whom he frequently chatted in airy fashion before rising of a morning, that Rollo Finch first disclosed his great idea. Wilson was a man of silent habit, and men of silent habit rarely escaped Rollo's confidences.

'Wilson,' he said one morning from the recesses of his bed, as the valet entered with his shaving-water, 'have you ever been in love?'

'Yes, sir,' said the valet, unperturbed.

One would hardly have expected the answer to be in the affirmative. Like most valets and all chauffeurs, Wilson gave the impression of being above the softer emotions.

'What happened?' inquired Rollo.

'It came to nothing, sir,' said Wilson, beginning to strop the razor with no appearance of concern.

'Ah!' said Rollo. 'And I bet I know why. You didn't go the right w…