How to Make Huge Sales and Commissions Online Through Affiliate Marketing Programs: A Review of Affilorama

This is the review of Affilorama, a place where you will learn all the trips and tricks in affiliate marketing.

Affilorama Premium Edition

I accidentally came across Affilorama, and happened to read through some of the materials. I am awed at the thoroughness at which everything is presented. This is a completely free place, where you will learn many advanced techniques.

Affilorama is a web service started by Mark Ling. It is one of the most comprehensive guides into affiliate marketing. Affilorama goes through all the topics related to affiliate marketing, such as PPC, site building, search engine optimization (SEO), market research, content creation, etc.

This program goes through all these different topics from the idiot's basics to the most advanced tricks and techniques.

The most important thing is that you can sign up on the program completely free now! Go ahead.

The Program Organization

Affilorama is organized like a normal blog, with a lot of different features. There are the lessons in various topics, a highly active member forum, the blog, and various affiliate marketing and SEO tools. All of them are accessible from here.

There are over 80 step-by-step video lessons, more than 30 tools for affiliate marketing success, hours and hours of interviews with expert affiliate marketers, and latest news stories on the topics. All these goodies are available for completely free.

The Premium Products

So far we have discussed the easy freebies you all get by signing up. But there are more advanced, premium products in the offering.

The Affilorama premium edition is an upgraded study course of Affilorama Free. In this, you have access to lessons that maximize your CPA earnings, more tools for SEO and CPA, free support, video downloads, etc.

You can get now a 5 day free trial to the Premium edition.

Another premium feature is the currently-closed Affilorama Blueprint.


In the free edition itself, Affilorama holds such great power. In premium edition and through its Affiliate blueprint program, it can help you earn income like professional bloggers out there.

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