A Few Registry Cleaning Software You Need to Check Out

Are you using Windows system to browse to this page? Are you aware of the most important database of Microsoft Windows that enables all the programs and tasks on your system? It's called Windows registry. This database can be accessed and edited using the special registry editor program supplied by Windows (Start->Run->Regedit (Regedt32)).

The registry is an extremely vulnerable area and if edited without proper knowledge, Windows may not boot at all. It may require reinstallation of the entire software. [Read the documentation of registry at Microsoft.com]

This vulnerability is the reason why many viruses, worms, and Trojans always try to capture and modify the important parts of registry, so that they can virtually destroy your entire system. Make sure you use a professional antivirus and spyware detection tool to fend your system. Let's check out some registry optimizing and fixing software available to us.

Registry cleaning and optimizing software help you clean up errors in registry, and optimize the size of it. This in turn causes your PC to load faster, remove unwanted error messages caused by registry errors, etc. Here are the best registry optimizing software programs:

  1. Registry Genius
  2. Registry Defense
  3. Registry Fix
  4. Registry Easy
  5. Registry Error Nuker
  6. RegClean


These products will help you keep your system clean, error-free, and fast all the time. Never attempt to edit your registry yourself.

There are certain precautions you need to take on Windows systems. Never browse to unknown websites, never install any unknown software even if it comes from one of your friends' email, never allow non-trusted websites to install any Java applet or ActiveX control on your system. But most of the time, these things happen quite automatically and without your knowledge. An example is when a third party website imitates your favorite service (such as your bank's website), and asks you to install some software. So, the best defense is to have security software installed on your PC.

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