How to Prepare for Blogging in Travel? Seven Tips

As bloggers, with some earnings, you may find time to travel a lot. Professional bloggers have this great flexibility that they can work from anywhere. They only need a laptop and an Internet connection. Blogging in travel can instantly churn out great content for your readers, as you will be able to share your experiences through pictures, recordings, and videos.

Let's see in this post some preparations you should make for perfect blogging on travel.

1. Do Keep All Equipments Ready

When on travel, nothing helps you more than your equipments. Your laptop, video camera, recording equipment, still camera, etc., are very important in a blogging trip. Snap up anything you find interesting and record short narrations.

2. Keep Traditional Writing Equipments Ready Too!

Just as those mentioned earlier, traditional writing and drafting equipments are also important on a trip. Let's assume you are in a museum into which no electronic equipment is allowed. How would you depict your experiences? You don't have a camera, a voice recorder, or even your cell phone.

In such cases, nothing other than a pen and a notepad will help you.

Being a good doodler will help you draw small sketches of what you see inside. Take short notes and draw pictures. You can edit it later and even post your doodles on to your blog.

3. Don't Waste Free Time

You are sure to get free time on your travel. You may get to wait at the airport or at the hotel reception. Such are times when you can fine-tune your scribbles and doodles. Don't just sit daydreaming or napping at those times.

4. Communication and Interviews (Keep Your Business Cards Ready)

It is in times of your travel that you get to meet and talk to a lot of people. Simply take a note of some of your old posts that you can add some juice to by interviewing any expert, in the topic, you meet. Don't forget to seek their permission before posting their names and other details. This is how you research for your posts.

You will also find people interested in the topic of your blog. Invite them to check out your blog and be regular readers. This is why I recommend that you print out and keep a few business cards all the time. Take them out and let anyone interested in your blog have one.

5. Look out for Topic Ideas

Since the main idea of travel is gathering information and inspiration, you can always seek new topic ideas from the people you meet. If they wish to read about any particular topic in your niche, you can note it down and let them know when you post about it.

6. Note Down and Visit Specific Locations

You may not be a travel blogger, but a medical blogger. Still, you have specific locations to visit to spice up your posts. You can visit any medical institution, meet up with important personalities with specialization and experience, and take pictures and videos. I believe every niche has its own specific places worth visiting.

You can depict these experiences in your blog posts, and may well draw a few hundred more visitors.

7. Make Good Use of Your Guide

If you have a guide on travel, be sure to make good use of him. Have him translate anything interesting to you. Tell your guide upfront about whatever things you are interested in, so that he can translate for you anything relevant he finds on the way. Sometimes, a wall poster, a local gossip, or an announcement can be valuable to you.


Those were the seven tips I have for you, traveling blogger. Keep yourself subscribed so you won't miss my future posts while on travel. Be sure to post your comments as well.

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