John Updike Is No More With Us

This is our tribute to one of the greatest authors of our time, John Updike, who passed away yesterday.

John Updike

Pulitzer-prize-winning Updike died at the age of 76 of lung cancer. Updike, who frequented the best-seller lists, wrote 23 novels and 15 short fiction collections. His most important works include the Rabbit series (Rabbit, Run; Rabbit Redux; Rabbit Is Rich; Rabbit At Rest; and Rabbit Remembered). Two of this series have also acquired the famed Pulitzer prize.

Updike concentrated a lot on the middle-class America's sexuality, marriages, and workplace. Famous for his depiction of sex, he was awarded 2008's lifetime achievement award at Literary Review's annual Bad Sex in Fiction award, which is bestowed upon people writing "crude, tasteless, or ridiculous sexual passages in modern literature".

We mourn the death of Mr Updike.

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