Looking for a Reason to Beat the Winter Blues? Stay Inside With NYC Midnight's Short Story Challenge 2009

[Contributed by Natalie Raben from NYC Midnight (www.nycmidnight.com)]

NYC Midnight's (www.nycmidnight.com) Short Story Challenge 2009 is a creative competition that challenges writers to think outside of their comfort zones. In 2002, two New Yorker's founded NYC Midnight as an LLC to play host to several different yearly writing and screenwriting challenges. For the Short Story Challenge 2009, the cloak of anonymity will be removed for writers on January 16, 2009 when the mystery genres and subjects are revealed to each participant or group.

Writers, who have the option of working in teams, will then be given seven full days and nights to burn the midnight oil and crank out a 2,500 word-count original short story. The published authors and professors that compose this year's panel of judges will then select up to 100 winners to advance on to the final heat, which takes place in March. During this, writers will compete for a chance to win thousands in cash and prizes by writing a short story, also of mystery topic and genre, in just 24 hours.

This challenge is open to residents of all states and countries, so anyone can sign up. Also, interested authors can use the promo code "STORYTIME" when signing up to receive $5 off of the entry fee and can do so here: http://www.nycmidnight.com/2009/SSC/challenge.htm

The Short Story Challenge 2009 is a great way to:

  • Test yourself
  • Receive candid feedback on your writing
  • Sharpen your writing skills
  • Win money and prizes
  • Provide an excuse to stay indoors during cold winter months

Not only will participants receive feedback from the panel of judges, but they will also have the option of signing in to an online special review forum where they can read and comment on each other's stories. So let's get ready to.....write!

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