Responses to the Twitter Follower Question About Guest Blogging

Yesterday, we were doing a Twitter poll through @vjlenin and @laurelshere. Here is the question:

Follower Question: Would you rather guest-blog for a professional high-traffic blog to get your voice out or simply to promote your blog?

Here are the responses we received:

@Susangiurleo: To get voice out there. That will lead traffic to my blog.

@Mbtemiz: It depends on the high-traffic blog.

@Raincoaster: For money. [My reply: That's a mean attitude, right?!]

@Colttrickle: To promote my own blog.

@LizS4ra: I'm not a professional blogger; so, I would say no. I'd be too scared of getting things wrong. [My reply: Liz, none of the guest-bloggers who blog in professional blogs are professional bloggers. And did you know that professional bloggers are always on the lookout of guests?]

@Lhrowley: I think both... promoting your blog serves the purpose of getting your voice out.

@B2beditor: I'd do a guest blog to promote my blog.

@Travelwriticus: I would guest blog for both reasons! It's too much work for doing it for one reason alone. [My reply: You said it!]

Thanks for all your responses. I agree much with the last respondent. There are advantages to guest-blog that no other promotion strategy has.

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