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SEO Elite Review: The Number One Software for Search Engine Optimization!

Here is the review of top-rated SEO software application, SEO Elite by one of the most successful SEO marketer, Brad Callan.
SEO Elite by Brad

Bloggers start with a dream—to become successful by taking their ideas across to the other end of the world, to thousands of people, to get a readership that increases on a daily basis in the most loyal fashion. But most of you well know that getting successful in blogging is no walk in the park. Most of you end up getting twenty or thirty visitors daily, and some only two or three.

After months and months of inactivity and dryness, they simply forget the dream of making it big on Blogging. What they all are missing on is the correct ways of search engine optimization (SEO). They don't learn the various facets of SEO from professionals; they don't do keyword research; they don't monitor their blogs; they don't actively work on link building; and they don't promote their blogs on social media. Most bloggers simply don't even know of these things. Without these things, how would a blog be successful?

What Is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is well known among bloggers, and very little known among new bloggers, and not known at all to an average net surfer. SEO is the art of building a blog that ranks well on search engines, which means, that blog will get visitors from top search engines, Google, Yahoo, and MSN. It's completely organic traffic and highly relevant and productive.

For instance, assume you blog about cell phones, and thousands of people worldwide search for a particular brand, for which you have a review on your website. You have a special affiliate link for that product, which when clicked and sold through, you will get 1 per cent commission. If the cell phone costs 300 dollars, you will get 3 dollars for a sale. What if 100 out of those thousand searchers purchase the cell phone? You will instantly make 300 dollars. What if thousand people come to your blog every day, and you have reviews of fifty different models, each of which gets a fair amount of traffic? You can make really high amounts of money. This is how bloggers can make money. But there is something: search engine traffic.

No other traffic is as productive as search engine traffic, because searchers already come prepared for a purchase. They just want one more opinion or better yet, only a product purchase link. Simply imagine what you have in mind when you search for "buy Apple iPhone 3G Store in India" in Google; you may have your credit card ready at hand.

So, Why SEO Elite?

Top quality search engine optimizers are hard to get and tend to be extremely expensive. The best can charge you more than a hundred dollars per hour. Hence, an average Internet marketer cannot afford an SEO professional. And most starting marketers don't have an idea of how to do the optimization themselves. This is why an SEO software program is important.

Brad Callan's SEO Elite is one of the best. Brad is a marketer (whose activities I am following myself through his newsletter), who has been immensely successful in the Internet marketing world, and who is here since the start of this millennium. His other products like Keyword Elite (a keyword research program) were embraced wholeheartedly by professional bloggers, such as Michael Fleischner [], Tavis Yeung [], Shawn Bishop [], etc.

This software helped all these marketers earn high search rankings.

Some of the facets of SEO Elite are these:

  • SEO Elite guarantees a minimum of 800 unique search engine visitors a day.
  • The software fetches well above 15,000 daily visitors for most of the blogs (which were getting 20 to 30 visitors) it optimized so far.
  • The software helped get high rankings for extremely competitive keywords like 'weight loss'.
  • Brad's websites themselves are ranking high for all the related keywords, thanks to the software.

What You Get With SEO Elite?

SEO Elite is a complete SEO package, and with the software itself, you get training videos as well.

It includes the following:

A competition snooper that tells you exactly how your competitors' websites are ranking and why. For which keywords and from which authority sites they get links, and what sort of content the competitor has. These indispensable details will help you optimize your site better.

Link building tool that helps you get high PR links from a variety of highly relevant pages. These links can skyrocket your sites in search rankings within a very brief period. With this tool, you will get thousands of very relevant links.

Ranking monitor, which tells you where your sites rank in all search engines. With the anchor text, exact position, etc., in graphical view.

There is a very handy tool that tells you which website should link to your site in order for you to get dramatic search ranking increase for any keyword. This information will save you hell a lot of time of hunting for unnecessary backlinks.

An article submitter that helps you rank high by submitting your site to many popular article directories. This is a way for creating free high quality backlinks to your pages.

All in all, as an SEO enthusiast myself, I can tell you that this application covers scientifically and thoroughly, all aspects of search engine optimization.

Bonuses With SEO Elite

Also, with the package you get these bonuses:

Bonus 1, Training Sessions: Nearly 20 hours of training sessions from several successful marketers, completely free with the package.

Bonus 2, Personal Training Videos: These videos show you how you can use the software productively.

Bonus 3, Paid Forum Access: This is one other major bonus. There is a paid-membership forum for SEO Elite. By ordering SEO Elite, you will get unrestricted access to this forum.

Prompt Refund Guarantee

This is the most important part of SEO Elite. You get to use the tool for eight weeks in a row, and if you don't find a DRAMATIC increase in rankings, then you will get a refund from Brad Callan.


Many have found their first checks from blogs after simply using this wonderful SEO tool. So, why wait? Why spend too much money on search engine optimizers, when you can get all that with this simple software, and a little site optimization work from your side? Go ahead and don't miss the opportunity: SEO Elite Software.


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