Some Important SEO Mistakes: The Risks of Over Optimization

Here are some important SEO mistakes. The focus is on over optimization, which comes into play when you have optimized your website in the White Hat, and you have done it too much that you are on the verge of going negative with it.

  1. Do not use more than one H1 tag on any page.
  2. Keyword density should be kept below 2-5 %.
  3. Keywords on internal links should be kept discreet. Don't use keyword home, keyword details, keyword prices, etc., on all your menu links.
  4. Do not build all links from the high PageRank websites: For instance, if your site is PR4 and you build links only from PR4 sites (by link exchanges), then it can cause a fall in ranking. Build links from PR0 onwards.
  5. Build far more topic-specific links than out-of-niche links. If you have PR6 links from websites completely different from your niche, it instantly alerts Google of possibility of link purchase. So, have more than 80 per cent of topic-specific links.
  6. Do not use content hiding techniques in any way. Here is an example in CSS.

Make sure you avoid these mistakes in your sites. While SEO on page can greatly affect your site's ranking in search engines, doing it excessively can very much harm it.

4 Opinions:

  1. Very good info - Thank you, but could you please clarify #3 for me please,

  2. Hi Scott, thanks for the comment. The point number 3 is nothing much. Let's assume your main keyword is "drug addiction treatment". You have some six links on the menu. Don't label all of them "drug addiction treatment home", "more info on drug addiction treatment", "drug addiction treatment centers", "drug addiction treatment success stories", etc. You will easily tell the search engine that your intention is to over-target the anchor text. Hope that cleared your doubt.

  3. Hi! I am a little confused; are there reasons for #2 and #3?

    Because I've seen some top ranked sites with keywords repeatedly used. Also I've seen them link to internal pages that are the same as that of blog titles.

    I have not seen negative effects on blogs or sites breaking rule #2 and #3.

    May be someone can clarify? Thanks for this discussion as it allows me to learn more.

  4. Hi Kelly, thanks for the comment.

    In fact, stuffing keywords or anchor text may give you an initial boost in rankings. I have found many sites myself using too many keywords (search labels) and alt text in images full of keywords repeatedly used. They have been ranked on the first page of Google. But the fact is inevitably all those pages are spotted by the system as spam and are removed or ranked lower.

    You know you can report a spamming site at Google webmaster central. Anyone that finds these blackhat strategies can report the site.


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