Which Is Your Favorite News Source? Twitter Followers Talk

Yesterday, we posted a question to our Twitter followers thus:

Question to Followers: Which major news services do you use to get current affairs? CNN, BBC, Fox, CNBC, or any other?

Here are the replies we received.

@PhilStratton: I use as many as I can get info from to filter out what bias they have. I also look for alternate sources.

@DYHGarden: whitehouse.gov! [Not a great resource for all types of news, is it?]

@Underdogz: CNN

@Jezarnold: Its a cross.. Guardian Online to BBC News to Times online. The only newspaper is The Times, and of course the Metro.

@Tangokdesign: CNN online, plus I check our local paper online every other day or so.

@Gyris: BBC, mostly.

@TchrEric: CNN, HNN, Fox, and various internet sites; rarely print newspapers.

@FacingTheStreet: Re news sources: on Twitter I'm partial to @globeandmail and @cbcnews, as well as the usual CNN.

@Wsredneck: MSNBC money, Fox and CNN any paper that has a lot of pics I like coloring. Where did I put my crayons.

@Shaunabe: Daylife, Huffington Post, CNN, Google news, Google RSS reader with various sources (need to consolidate as its disorganized)

@Madbaker: Google news, Twitter, Google reader. Huffpost for us news and CBC.ca for Canada are well behind. No TV news for years and years.

@Fiberartisan: BBC and NPR

@Sarahmaeblogs: www.drudgereport.com

@Bikelady: I mostly watch CNN and MSNBC, sometimes Fox. Wish I got the BBC.

@Docmcfly: Fox is the best out here in New York.

@BunE: The New York Times e-mail subscription, morning , then afternoon update. CNN on telly, Japan Times email sub.

@Dpwilliams: BBC website. Trust it more than any of the others and it's really easy to use. I can always find what I want really quickly.

@Dashaver: MSNBC is my favorite especially Keith Olbermann.

@Shwee4: BBC

@Jenrik06: I use CNN and Fox. Hubby likes Yahoo News

@D_vsuresh: I do follow BBC, Google News and even some online local news portals.

@Digitalpublius: Fox is the only one I can watch for more that 10 minutes without wanting to throw something. [That's funny! I also used to be averse to news in childhood.]

@Tedtoal: Fox & Yahoo Finance

@ScLoHo: CNN, MSNBC, NPR, Drudge, Local Radio.

Thanks to all those replies, friends. Here are my sources: BBC (of course), CNN, Google News (and alerts), Fox News, RSS feeds of a large number of topic-specific blogs and company blogs, some magazines such as Wired, and certain important local newspapers.

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  1. I use the BBC. They give the best American news. Sad but true.


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