Which Is Your Favorite Web Host? Twitter Followers Talk

Our follower question yesterday was:

Question to Followers: Which hosting company and plan do you use and recommend?

Here are the insightful replies we received from our followers.

@Phil_peretz: I really like GoDaddy because of the professionalism and general helpfulness of their support staff.

@Colttrickle: I would say the deluxe plan with GoDaddy.com.

@Markerlove: Dreamhost. Easy to use, but frequent and unexplained downtime.

@AlaskaArtist: I use Yahoo. It is a great host. Also, you can build your own site with Yahoo site builder.

@Ameliamichelle: I use Netrillium. I have had resellers and/or shared hosting through them for the better part of last 6 years.

@Ahdchild: Dreamhost. It's cheap. You get tons of space and bandwith. They give you lots of power to run whatever apps you want.

@Jpeters0: I have been with Hostgator for a year, great service no downtime issues and handles my 30+ sites no problem.

@Braingain: I recommend my web hosting company, One and One.

@Shouldbenapping: Recommended hosting is GoDaddy - WordPress-friendly, cheap, great tech support.

@Hostgator_deals: Hostgator for web hosting and the Baby plan for Linux hosting.

@Deauxmain: I'd recommend the one I use. Unlimited space & domains on one acct. Great text chat support. Bluehost.

@Sandyface: Heart Internet with reseller plan.

@Matteagar: We just switched to Mosso. Lots of redundancy, and prices are pretty good, thanks to reseller Found Line.

@DezignMaven: I echo the sentiments of @phil_peretz, but prefer to build my own pages (no Site Builder Plans here THX).

Thanks for all those replies. For more such Twitter follower questions, please follow us: @vjlenin and @laurelshere.

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