Check Your Site's Internal PageRank Visually With iWebTool Here

Here is the iWebTool visual tool for internal PageRank checking. Point it to any page with links (such as archives of a blog) and it will visually show you all the PageRank details as well as links with NoFollow attribute.

Enter a domain name below:


Show links with rel="nofollow"  ()

Show external links (


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4 Opinions:

  1. Hi - I tried to use this tool but unfortunately it won't allow you to put any URL in. You can't add any information at all. Maybe there's a glitch in the coding?


  2. Katherine, don't know the issue with you. But I have tested it and it is working. Check if you have blocked popups/new windows/tabs in your browser. The tool opens the results in a new window. Other than that, it should work fine in most browsers.

  3. what the function of this tools?? i don't get it.

  4. James, if you run a website, you got to do SEO. Google pagerank of internal pages is a very important part in it. This tool helps in measuring it.


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