Directory Submission Made Easy: All Submitter Is a Software You Need to Check Out

Too few people know the importance of submission to directories in SEO. There are thousands of directories out there in different topics that you can submit your site to. This can not only give you some instant traffic, but also build a long-term search-engine-optimized traffic. I needn't stress how important it is for your site.

Submitting manually to each directory is a tedious process indeed. But of course for the DMOZ, you must submit manually (check out why). For other directories, you really need a software solution. That's our topic today.

The product in review is All Submitter by WeblogAnalyzer. Check out the site here.

If you wish to try the software, please download the trial version now.

Arguably Number One

All Submitter is lauded and promoted by many people as the number one software for directory submissions. It is a complete package that includes automated and semi-automated submission process to thousands of directories.

An interesting aspect of this software is that it can break the captcha (the image verification you see when signing up on web services). For captcha, usually software cannot interpret the letters. All Submitter, arguably, has come up with some technique to break this captcha system, but of course, it is not fully error-free. In such cases, there is manual captcha, in which, you are shown the image in captcha and you can type in the letters yourself. Everything else is done by the software itself.

In order to see examples of the submission, please visit and watch the videos.

Loads of Features

AllSubmitter is designed to save you time. If you have begun a new blog, you may need to spend days and days visiting different web and blog directories, manually submitting your information everywhere. Otherwise, your blog may remain unknown all through its life.

I needn't stress how tedious this process can be to you. But with All Submitter, this has become a simple process of running a software, and of course occasionally manually inputting the captcha.

This software allows you to include any directory you have that is not already in it.

Another important reason to use this software is keywords. Manually doing, you may not know which keyword is the best for building traffic (organic) to your blog, but All Submitter knows! Also, with its search engine ranking checker, you can get all information about how your sites are ranking.

Besides these obvious primary things, there are a lot more to check out. Get all features from the All Submitter site itself.

Click here to order the software now from Plimus.
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Click here to visit All Submitter website.

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  1. Yes have you personally used the software? If so I understand that the captcha breaker does not work to well and also that the first time through it you need to do it manually otherwise the program will not "remember" properly. please comment on this.


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