Frontier Label Offers Digital Label Printing

If you own a company that produces boxed and bottled products, you may need pressure sensitive labels printed to stick on them. Frontier Label is an online digital printer that mass-produces the stickers, as you need them, online.

You can order their services from here (you will also find the testimonials, samples, instant quote, and other means to connect with Frontier Label such as Facebook page): Stickers.

Frontier Label can print and ship your labels in just one business day if you are prepared to pay a little higher or in five days at normal price.

You can get your stickers printed in paper, plastic, metallic paper, vinyl, etc. Here are a few sample screenshots taken from the site:
Frontier label stickerFrontier label stickers

While many label printing companies are still relying on the traditional offset printing devices, Frontier Label relies on digital printing, which is the most advanced and cost-effective means to prepare superior labels and stickers.

When preparing your artwork to send to Frontier Label, please check out this page to see the guidelines to get exactly what you need.

Another important thing I learned from Frontier Label is that the company offers 10 per cent of its profits to charity. Hence, working with them is an indirect way for you to serve your community as well.

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