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Happy Valentine's Day to Readers: Some Love Thoughts

Valentine's day
Happy Valentine's Day for all my readers…

Here are some of my beliefs toward love. If you find them interesting, go ahead and post your own views in comment section.

Being Late

Many people alienate their mates simply by being late. For me, this is completely unacceptable.

When you move into a settled life, you may have more responsibilities than just spending time with your lover. You may have unfinished work at the office; you may have a party at your boss's house; or you may just want to spend some more time out. These are perfectly all right as long as you let your lover know of them.

On the other hand, being late without telling your partner is really bad. Every partner knows that there are times when you become late, but you should let him/her know the reason well beforehand. Even if she/he doesn't expect you to be on time, let her know you will be late.

Broken Promises

A Couple:

She: "I got a party tomorrow at my aunt's house. Would u like to come?"
He: (In a very relaxed manner) "Yes, I will come."
She: (Feeling almost certainly that he will not come, and not much vexed by that) "Are you sure? It will be really nice to have you there."
He: "Yeah. No problem. I will show up."

He shows up at the occasion and wins a firm position in her heart. Every time, he answers in a relaxed way 'yes' and he does what he says; she knows this and stops asking 'are you sure', and loves him more and more.

Another Couple:

She: "Dear, can we go for a movie tomorrow? I really love that."
He: "That's cool, darling. We can definitely go tomorrow."
She: "Wow! Thank you dear." Kisses!

The next day, he doesn't show up. He is busy with some other work, and has even forgotten about the movie. She tried to reach him several times without success, and she feels lonely and sad.

There is a broken promise in this case, which causes displeasure. The guy could simply have said "Sorry dear, I may not be able to come tomorrow as there is some work to do" or "Let me see. If possible, I will give you a call". In that case, there will not be such displeasure. But he gave a firm promise and broke it without any regard.

When you can do something, say 'yes' otherwise, either give a possibility or 'no'. Don't ever give a promise and break it.

New Way to Quarrel

If you are really serious in your relationships, be very discreet with your partner. Care for him/her, read his mind and do as he wishes, try not to quarrel with him. If he/she does something wrong that upsets you, the best way to quarrel is remaining silent for a longer time. Wait until the partner comes to you with apologies for his/her wrongdoing and much more love.

With a third party you may quarrel like a tiger, but inside home, be a playful pet. This will only build love and pleasure. After all, you are not loving her to show that you are a tiger!

Be Soft and Communicative

In your private moments, being soft and communicative is really essential. Every person has secrets he/she doesn't wish to share. But sharing even those intimate secrets will make you only too closer. Talking is a great way to relieve pleasure and getting to know and regard each other.

Knowing your partner will help you get to the most comfortable position in intercourses as well. Some people even like some dirty talk in sex, which can turn them on greatly. And most importantly, don't finish it too quickly. Foreplay should take typically some hours! Decide everything with your partner without enforcing your ideas on him/her.

Regard Him/Her Everywhere

Whenever you are in a healthy relationship, be mindful of your partner's comfort inside out. When you are going out, talking to friends, visiting others, etc., be always watchful of your partner (more than yourself). If he/she feels uncomfortable about anything or any conversation, be sure to give him what he wants (some more attention, change of topic, etc.) It's not rocket science to know what your partner feels from his/her face.

Subconscious Buildup

Now, the greatest way to build your partner's trust and love is nothing but giving care to him/her. This can be done much better through building a subconscious relationship, so that he/she will miss you even for a second you are not present.

The best way for this is remembering all his priorities (even small ones) and working for them. Small things can create a firmer bond. For instance, if you know a particular program your partner loves to watch on TV (but he has never told you about it), put it on yourself thus surprising him.

You can achieve a good subconscious bondage by closely watching what your partner does and loves to do. Examples are: watch your partner's dress sense and buy the one he/she will love the most; give him a surprise by gifting a watch he saw and liked just about a week ago; prepare a dish that he loves to eat but hasn't eaten for a while; show up early with a jewelry that she mentioned only the day before.


These simple aspects have actually helped me in my own life. Once, my parents were watching a new movie song. They liked it so much that when it ended they were sad. I was listening to their sad comments and promptly searched on YouTube to see if I could find that video song. I found and played the song, and they were much surprised to hear it again. Afterward, I had to play the song repeatedly for them until they were satisfied.

These tips and guidelines for lovers are not exhaustive. There are more to love than most arts and sciences. Give your tips and opinions in the comments…


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