Increasing Traffic Through Purchasing Multiple Domains

Let's say you have a primary domain which you have built content on. But you can increase the visibility and reach of your content by purchasing multiple domain names and making them show the same site. Here are some tips and guidelines in that.

1. Domain Name Topic and Keywords

When purchasing new domains, always look for the ones with related keywords. Don't just choose a domain name that is not related to your primary site at all. For instance, if your original website is "" then you shouldn't purchase "" and point it to the original domain.

Choose domains that have related keywords and topic, so that you get maximum search visibility.

2. Do 301 (Permanent) Redirect

Never purchase a domain and point it directly to your content. This is as good as content duplication and search engine will easily penalize all your sites. This issue is severe when you have a few hundred domains purchased and all are made to point to the same content.

domain purchase pointing

So, always point only one domain to your original content, and point all other domains with a permanent 301 redirect to your primary domain. Learn how to set up a 301 redirect. Look at the image below; this is how you should point your domains.
domain pointing with 301 redirect

3. Link Building for Each Domain

Always build links for each of your domains separately. Otherwise, they are as good as nothing. Also, you can get maximum exposure and benefit by building links from the most keyword-relevant sites.

For instance, if you have "" as your primary domain and you are purchasing "" to point to the primary domain, then build more links for it from sites that talk about rose flowers than fruits or just flowers.

Also, you are far better off if you point the new domain to a more topic-specific page in your main domain.


Besides these, before purchasing any new domain, always make sure you follow these domain purchase guidelines.

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