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Playing Mob Wars in Facebook? Join Me!

Mob Wars is a multi-million dollar business now. It's come out of all the limits a Facebook app can go and is now being crazily played by millions of Facebook users worldwide. There is also the little legal issue surrounding Mob Wars, which was settled in December last year. Here, we will see more about this cool game.

Mob Wars is an interactive game that goes through different levels. In this, people organize into smuggling groups called mobs and do various illicit jobs and fights to control areas in the city and build their mobs.

There are various features like City, Hospital, Stockpile, Fight, etc. Besides these, there is one unique feature called the Godfather, who gives you favor points and various options to upgrade your game playing. You have attributes like money, health, stamina, and energy, which enable you to purchase, fight, and do jobs.

Mob Wars is an infectious game that can keep you interested once you know the ways of it. If you wish to join my mob, simply add me into your Facebook friends list and invite me here.

Mob Wars Tips

Cash Flow Generation

Sustained cash flow is the most important aspect of any business. So is it with this game. You can make money by purchasing various plots in the city and upgrading them into buildings, which generate an hourly income. Once purchased, the value of the building goes up. So, it is always good to purchase them in groups of five or ten.

Purchasing is different from selling. On selling anything, plot, building, or stockpile item, you won't get the purchase price back (as in the real world). So, it is always best not to sell anything, unless absolutely necessary. When selling buildings too, sell in groups.

Mob Size

Your mob size is very important when you go up in levels. In order to increase your mob size, check out the Mob Wars forum, which have members asking you to add them to your list. Invite them and you will increase your mob size overnight. At higher levels, some jobs also require you to have a higher mob size.


Doing jobs quite often gives you enough money to purchase and deploy weapons. In certain jobs, you get a weapon as well in reward. Tactical shotgun on doing drug dealing by the sea is one such example. My advice is that you do such jobs as often as possible, as you not only get some money, but also get a very good weapon that doesn't require upkeep.

Use Skill Points

On going up in every level, you get three skill points, which can be used to increase your fighting strength, stamina, energy, defense strength, etc. It is very important to use these points well. In higher levels, when you have a great number of weapons, use these points to increase your energy level and stamina (which requires 2 points). In lower levels, if you feel that you may be prone to attacks, use the skill points to increase defense strength.

Fighting & Banking

Fight more often in the beginning to build a very good fighter profile. Find as many small and less-equipped mobs as possible to fight and win. This makes you look more aggressive in the first few levels, and people may fear to fight you. In higher levels, this advantage will be beneficial to you as you will stay immune and will get enough time to make create a healthy cash flow.

Use your bank very intelligently. If you fear that overnight people will attack you and take your money away, do use the bank to safehouse your money. This however involves a 10 percent fee, which is significant for high amounts. If you have a good fighter profile, however, people will attack you less often and you can keep money out of the bank.


People always get into hitlists. They are attacked by mobs of enormously higher levels when they are in hitlists. When you fight someone more often and take away a lot of money from them, they may well add you to hitlist with their residual money. It is not possible to survive the hitlist; so, the best advice is not to irritate anyone during your first days.


Every mobster in your gang can equip one of the weapons, one of the special equipments (bulletproof vest or body armor), and drive one vehicle. This means, you need to have as many weapons, body armors, and vehicles as the number of your mobsters: If you have 13 mobsters, have 13 guns, 13 body armors, and 13 vehicles ready.

Your mob always equips with the best of the weapons they have. So, you don't need to sell off low-end weapons out of fear that mobsters may equip with them rather than the best weapon you have and thus lose fights.

Using Godfather Favor Points

Godfather awards you favor points every time you advance a level. These are very important, rare, and should be deployed well to your advantage. When you reach hundred favor points, you will be awarded a unique honor called Mob Wars insider, which lasts for thirty days. With this, you get faster regeneration of energy, health, and stamina. Your sole aim should be to achieve this level. Don't use up favor points on some cash, weapon offers, or any other. Keep it safe and request to be a Mob War insider once you reach hundred favor points.


If you wish to join my mob, please add me as your Facebook friend and please visit here.


  1. 100 favor points is a lot ... how fast is the regeneration when you're an insider?


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