PPC Web Spy by Brad Callan: Top New Keyword Research Tool for You!

You have seen the successful SEO software, SEO Elite by Brad Callan. It is one of the most successful and useful software out there for doing perfect SEO work for your blogs and websites. But on the top of that, if you need to work on your PPC keyword campaigns in Adwords, then there is not a better tool than this one by Brad Callan himself, PPC Web Spy.

PPC Web Spy

You can get this software free now from here. Simply register and download.

The idea of Web Spy is simple. It is used to spy into the keyword lists of other marketers in your competition or other niches. This is tremendously advantageous as you will be able to get a list of keywords the other person uses to promote their products and make profits. You can use them or a better list to win over the competition.

The tool works as a small browser add-on that works from your favorite browser. When you search in Google for your keyword, you will find the competitor websites on the sponsored listings. On switching on the Web Spy tool, you will also see a small button with each sponsored listing that tells you the details of the keywords the particular advertiser is using to get rankings.

The list contains all the keywords the person is using, with the number of clicks, daily expenditure, and maximum cost per click. You can also do a deeper research into this by suggesting your own keywords and getting a bigger, more optimized keyword list from Google.

This research data is so important for your Adwords and other advertisement campaigns that you will be able to pull in great profits through it.

With this tool, pretty much all you do is find a successful advertiser, take his keyword list, and use it into your own campaign, and sit back and get paid a profit just as the advertiser. Too little work and great earnings.

So, go ahead, fill in the details in the website, and download PPC Web Spy free now. One more thing: don't simply ignore this tool because you get it free. Use it and find its great power. This is perhaps the one tool that will bring you your most coveted first thousand dollars.

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