Removing Your URLs From Google Index: A Video by Matt Cutts

Some of our readers recently asked us how they could remove a URL already indexed in Google. This is pretty easy in case of self-hosted blogs, not sadly in WordPress or Blogger free blogs, as you don't have control over the robots.txt file or the .htaccess file. However, this can be effected with the help of Robots meta tag.

In this video, Google engineer Matt Cutts discusses how you can remove an indexed URL from Google.

Hope it helped.

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  1. Thanks for putting up this helpful video. I have an e-commerce site and my setup has a rewrite going on so my pages have seo friendly page names. Recently an update from my hosting company made that rewrite go away and I ended up with dulicate content on Google. I know this is not a good idea so I want to get the non-seo friendly pages out of the Google index.

  2. Hello, I am fairly new to URL's and have been learning how they work on google. What got me going is I have a URL that was issued to me from a site I joined. All was fine until I answered a question with Yahoo Answers and Google put the info. on the web. Now Yahoo Answers comes up instead of my normal URL although my URL is within the answer I gave. I was trying to find out how or even if I could remove it. I did block it within my personnal pages and now it comes up as being unavailable but how long before yahoo gets rid of it?
    I have found that this site is informative yet I still am confused.

  3. @Anonymous: Since Yahoo puts a nofollow attribute to the links in Answers, it's no vote for your URL. Has Google already indexed your said URL? If so, you can wait until it shows up well on SERPs. Another thing you should do is building links to your URL. Without links, pages don't rank pretty well.


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