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Do you want an unlimited blog, everything included? Then, the unlimited Blog Site is what you should be looking for. is a free online community that comes with blogs, live discussions, photo and video sharing, and podcasting. This is all free and unlike other blogging platforms, comes with unlimited bandwidth.

Internet entrepreneur, Ben Ogden, created this all-inclusive social network of bloggers and podcasters. However, people older than 14 years only can join as of now. And perhaps this is the only place you get unlimited free space absolutely free.

Another advantage of blogs is that they are all created as subfolders rather than subdomains as in Blogger and WordPress. In subdomains, the search engine indexing is like that for a separate website and hence takes time, while subfolders are indexed faster. So, you can hope for early search visits.

Also, unlike other social networks such as Facebook we know, you don't need a login to view the profile pages of members of They are simply available at the URL:

What Should You Use It for? is only for personal blogging and community building. It is not a commercial product for you to promote your online business. Perhaps this is the only disadvantage of as the blogs and your work cannot be monetized or be used for promoting your personal business.

Besides community building, has important tie-ups with charities like Amnesty International, National Alliance to End Homlessness, Heal the Ocean, etc.

Go ahead and join to learn more.

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  1. I have been following your blog from more than a year and love it in fact.

    From the last two months I noticed a lot of review or promotional content,number of ads (even on the top of header),Info link ads and the thesis ad, felt like they are dominating content.

    I do remember you writing that you will be active (each post a day) and hope you will be positive to this criticism that no a days quality of the blog is getting down.

    I am saying this because i love this blog and hope you understand.

    All the best.


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