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'Sell Back Your Books' is a place where you can sell your books online. Go here: Sell TextBooks, and simply enter ISBN codes of the books that you wish to sell to get the prices.

Selling used books online is a great way to dispose of those old books you have been stocking for years. And it is now even easier with Also, this service pays you the maximum available (premium price) for your books. It seems that as the books go older, the prices diminish. This is also one reason why you should be prompt in selling them.

What about shipping costs? You can get it absolutely free if you use the mailing label printed out from the website. In order to pack your books and send them to, use a sturdy box with newspaper padding, and mention the order number on the top of the box.

Another important thing is usually doesn't purchase books without ISBN. The ISBN can typically be found on the fourth page of the book (left hand side), where the copyright notice and details of publishers appear. If you don't find it, then you can get the ISBN from online retailers like Amazon, by searching for the book's title (remember, paperback and hardback have separate ISBN).

Also, make sure your books are in good order, without much damage. Books that still retain some market can be sold here. More information on the acceptable levels of damage and other conditions can be read from the FAQ page of the website.

So, don't hesitate, if you got a resource of books you no longer need but believe someone else out there needs, then go ahead and sell them.

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