Adsense Comes Up With Interest-based Advertising; Update Your Privacy Policy!

Recently, Google announced the launch of Interest-based advertising, a form of advertising in which visitor's "previous interaction" with the advertisers is counted to display ads to them. Google groups users into categories based on their interests. In connection with that, however, you need to update your privacy policy on your blog for Adsense by April 10th.

If you wish to view ads based on your interests, you can set your preferences here.

The advantage it has to bloggers and publishers is that the ads will be more user-friendly from now on. There is a chance for better click through rates.

However, you are expected to update your Adsense privacy policy on all your sites before the tenth of next month. If you don't know what this means, you may perhaps want to read my complete Adsense policy guidelines post.

In order to modify the privacy policy of your blog, please find the necessary information here. Please write to us what you think of this new form of ads.

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