Black Hat SEO: A Reader Question Answered With Matt Cutts Video

My reader, Ann Culver asks:

Lenin, one of my new blogs recently lost its rankings on Google due to certain SEO problems, people call black hat. Is it that Google removes small sites like mine?

No. Google pretty much takes action on big sites as well, as in the case of BMW website. Check out the following video by Google web spam team captain, Matt Cutts to know more. It is always best not to work with black hat SEOs. Work with only those professionals who follow straightforward SEO techniques. Anything you use that is sneaky or dishonest most likely is black hat, and can get you into trouble.

Ms Culver's blog had invisible links on the top, which were pretty much created by some WordPress decode function. I happen to have a small warning article regarding this in the archive.

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  1. These are called as the white hat SEO and the black hat SEO.
    In February 2006, BMW Germany and Ricoh Germany was removed
    from the listing of Google due to blackhat SEO.
    Based on the research presented, the value of an
    organizations reputation is clear, and it
    becomes more understandable why manipulation might be tempting.


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