Five Unavoidable Firefox Add-ons for Search Engine Optimization

Mozilla Firefox is my favorite browser. It is pretty fast and convenient, even after loading it up with many important add-ons. But for even faster browsing, you may prefer Google Chrome. I use Chrome only when I do light browsing, not when I do power-browsing, using online applications, for which nothing matches up with Firefox. Today let me discuss some indispensable SEO add-ons for Firefox.

SEOQuake [Get it here]: This is a very advanced SEO extension that gives you various pieces of information about the pages you are visiting, such as PageRank, backlinks, social bookmark details, Whois info, and many more. Perhaps this one complete extension is all you need for your SEO needs in Firefox.

SEOpen [Get it here]: This add-on gives you information about backlinks, PageRank of pages, header information, robots.txt file, whois information, etc.

SearchStatus [Get it here]: This plugin gives you quick view of Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Compete rank, keyword density, and Nofollow link highlighting, from the right hand side of the browser status bar (you can change it).

RankQuest SEO Toolbar [Get it here]: A highly popular add-on that gives you more than thirty SEO tools all from Firefox interface.

KGen [Get it here]: This is a cool add-on that gives you the important keywords on any of your visiting pages. This will help you a lot in research for your own pages, by visiting and making a list of your competitor's keywords.

If you have other suggestions and add-ons to mention, please let us know through the comments.

5 Opinions:

  1. I was extremely interested in the KGen add-on. Unfortunately, it's not been updated to be compatible with Firefox 3.

  2. Earthmother, thanks for the comment. KGen is updated to work with Firefox 3.0.6, which I am using. I don't know about 307, which is the latest.

  3. @earthmother :
    Go there :

  4. Lenin do you know if there are any add-ons for Chrome available? I am looking particularly for one to allow me to get at my Google Bookmarks which are available on a Google Toolbar with IE or FF but strangely Google does not make a toolbar compatible with their own Google Chrome.

  5. I think, none yet. But there will be soon, Bernard.


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