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Freelancing At ODesk: A Global Opportunity

ODesk is a one of the fastest-growing freelance businesses today. Founded in California in 2003, it is perhaps the largest freelancing company that attracts providers and customers from worldwide. It is pretty easy to become a member at ODesk—you can become provider, buyer, or both. Another specialty of ODesk is that you can register a provider company, so that you can induct other independent contractors within ODesk or outside and do more higher-paying projects.
The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

Independent contractors or providers at ODesk are from different parts of the world, and all are paid by the hour. The jobs posted at the site, by customers include writing (SEO copywriting, web content writing, blogging, and more), Web development, software development, graphic design, etc.

Each independent contractor is verified and tested of their competency in their respective fields, before they are allowed to undertake any project.

On signing up as a provider, you have to complete your profile with your experience, education, personal, and contact details. On completion, you will have to take an ODesk readiness test. It tests your understanding of the policies and work ethics. Unless you pass it, you won't be able to apply for any jobs posted.

Besides this, there are tests for many different skills, including writing skills, grammar, Web and Windows proficiency, technical skills, etc. As you complete and pass in more tests, you will be able to set higher pay per hour, such as 8 dollars per hour to as much as 90 dollars per hour, for starters.

Another facet of this company is the feedbacks and ratings of customers and providers, by each other. These feedbacks help you get better pay rates and more projects. So, it is important that you finish the projects in time and well and have reliable reports ready as required by the ODesk system.

Provider Companies

In ODesk, you can register yourself as a provider company rather than just an independent contributor. You can also join different provider companies created by other users of the system.

The system is almost entirely like in the real world. The company executive can appoint as many providers as possible under their company, and interview them on behalf of the buyer. The benefit of becoming a company is that you will be able to see thousands of jobs posted by many real-world companies. And there are no membership fees.

The provider company gets the payment to its account, and is responsible for disbursing it to the providers under it.

For Customers/Buyers

ODesk is one of the best options for customers who want to get their digital jobs done by the freelance community. They can get the best of rates ever, through this. Though there were objections to the ODesk business practice as being unjust to the workers from the third world, it seems that both sides get the best rates through this, and there are a myriad of happier people.

Buyers can literally track every bit of their workers' progress through screenshots, keyboard and mouse activity, and even webcam images. Nevertheless, people raised voice against this, saying it is mean to interfere in work this way. It's all, however, up to the worker to decide. Anyway, remember most multinational companies closely monitor their employees' day-to-day activities at their offices.

The buyers can pay workers by the week, when they get and review the timelog of work done in the week.

Payment Systems

ODesk pays its providers in a wide range of means. It is literally possible to get paid anywhere in the world. This is why ODesk is the primary choice among freelancers worldwide. Here are the payment options available:

ODesk MasterCard Debit card from Payoneer:

One of the best options for global payment. You can get your money in a slick debit card from Payoneer, of which you can be a member through ODesk.

Payoneer accepts you as a member if you are above 18 years old in order to apply the card yourself. Minors can get it through parent intervention. Payoneer card can be applied with pretty much any sort of identity you have, such as your country ID card, drivers' license, etc. Payments will be available on your card pretty quickly, and you will be able to use the card from any MasterCard ATM around the world. You can even use it online, for verifying PayPal.


You can withdraw the money directly to your bank account, but the fees applied are high. Also, unverified accounts are difficult to operate.


You can withdraw money to your bank account, but make sure you get PayPal verified to lift the limits.

Direct Deposit (Automated Clearing House):

ACH is the best way to get fastest payments, and is available only in the US. It's also completely free.

Wire Transfer:

The charges are 30 dollars per transfer; also, incoming fees differ depending on the bank. It can be used to transfer money to any bank account worldwide. The expenses incurred, however, makes it a highly unpopular method of payment.

The best payment choice is of course the MasterCard or PayPal, for international providers, and ACH for US providers.


On a daily basis, hundreds of high-paying jobs on various different fields are posted in ODesk. Tens of thousands of providers and thousands of provider companies already exist in the system, and rake in great benefits. For you to be part of the system, register with ODesk.

Please share your opinions and experience with ODesk through comments.


  1. i am a member of odesk. best freelance website IMO. :)


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