How to Guest-post in Professional Blogs?

Guest-posting is a mutually beneficial way of blogging. The guest-blogger provides content to the blog, thereby giving the blog owner some freedom and relaxation, while in turn driving traffic to his own site in the order unimaginable.

Guest-blogging in high traffic blogs can drive crazy traffic to your blog. For instance, if you get to publish in ProBlogger, which gets an average 20,000 visits daily, you will be able to draw in quite a decent traffic after you publish the post. In this article, let's see some guidelines of how to publish a guest post.

1. Read the Contribution Guidelines

Always the first step is reading and understanding the contribution guidelines of the blog you want to pitch. There are specific requirements every blogger is looking for.

The quality guidelines, formatting guidelines, and various other things may be found in the contribution guidelines of the blog. In order to sell your article (figuratively of course, as no payment is involved), you definitely have to abide by these guidelines, especially in the case of large and important blogs.

2. Find the Niche and Topic

Always look for contributing to the superior blogs in your niche. Not in any other niche. If you are a financial blogger, contributing an article to the top travel blog mayn't help you much, even if it is an article about financial management while traveling to your country.

Besides niche, the topic is also important. In order to find the topic, you had best look for what is hot. You can write an opinion post about any latest or breaking news story that attracts a lot of attention.

3. Edit and Reedit

You may find this editing guidelines post helpful. Editing and reediting the article to correct even the slightest of grammar and structure errors is important when submitting your guest entry.

Most probably the professional blogger has a higher standard for grammar and structure, which you may not ordinarily follow in your own blog.

4. Link Out With Care

Most probably the professional blogger has a recommendation as to how many links to your site can be placed. This should be noted. If you place more links to your site, the article may be rejected. Also, if possible, include the links to any relevant sources as necessary. This also has to be done after looking at the general trend followed by the professional blogger. If he wishes to maintain the external links with NoFollow attribute, make necessary changes in your article to reflect his preferences.

5. Pictures and Multimedia

If you believe that pictures or videos can enhance the blog entry, by all means do so. Pictures and videos can easily increase the user engagement of the content and can be deemed as a good practice by the professional blogger.


That's pretty much it. I hope I don't need to stress that you have to come up with the best of your articles while publishing for professional blogs. Also, having a gripping title is important. It goes without saying how important it is to get links from professional blogs in one's niche.

If you are interested in guest-posting in this blog, please check out our Contribution Guidelines

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