Kontera + Pluck on Demand: Possibility for Better Earning Potential

Pluck on Demand is a service used to add contextually relevant content from external sites to your site, similar to but newer than BlogBurst. I still remember reading about it in TechCrunch. You can see my comment right in that article (look for Lenin Nair). Well, the latest news from Kontera may interest you. It is partnering with Pluck to provide contextual content ads in the Pluck widget. This is definitely a good step toward maximizing Kontera revenue.

Though Kontera lost my love as a potential money-maker due to reasons including lower number of advertisers, publishers, and extremely low commission rates, partnership with Pluck may make it more lovable to people.

Also due to the TechCrunch's calling Pluck as a way of adding free content legally, it may pretty much create a moneymaking blog with virtually no work at all. But the money will still remain lukewarm.

If you decide to check out both, please let us know how they are doing together through comments here.

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