Some Interesting Google Gadgets for Bloggers

Google gadgets are free; they are powerful too. With this service, you can get great add-ons to your websites or blogs. In this article, let's look at some of these gadgets that you will find very interesting.

Google Site Translator [Get it here]:

This translator gadget adds a tiny translator widget to your site. This widget has country flags to guide your readers unlike the traditional Google translator widget.

Custom RSS [Get it here]:

This is a highly customizable RSS reader, which can be installed on your website. This means, your readers will now be able to read the content from popular RSS feeds directly from your website. And the reader has options to customize HTML and CSS, and is most suitable for advanced users.

Google Polling Gadget [Get it here]:

If you don't wish to go pay professional polling services to create polls for your visitors, then use this simple Google gadget to create polls for your readers.

Survey Google Gadget [Get it here]:

This is another simple gadget to survey your readers by getting their opinions. You can create simple polls.

Simple Contact Form [Get it here]:

This is a very customizable contact form gadget that can be embedded to any of your pages.

Desktop Chat [Get it here]:

With this great chat client, you can let your readers chat while browsing through your website itself. You can use this to be in touch with your readers in real time.


That's pretty much it. Though external Google gadgets don't have great power in building a website or blog as WordPress plugins do, they are pretty powerful indeed. If you have any other suggestions or additions, please let us know through comments.

3 Opinions:

  1. Thanks for providing links to these very useful gadgets.
    But is there any chance that using these gadgets on the blog will increase the load time of the page ?

  2. @Amol, You can't really spice up your blog without increasing its size and thereby loading time. So, it does increase load time. But you know, since they are based on JS and are loaded at the end of everything else usually, it won't make much of a difference, unless you choose to add all gadgets there are.

  3. I find that the Translator widget is useful if you are doing any sort of international business. It does not slow down perform to any great extent and it does make it easier for international visitors. If you start seeing a lot of use it is worthwhile paying for a human translation of your site into the target language.


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