Taking Control of Your Blog: Some Social Interaction Tips

Blogging doesn't involve writing and publishing a new post in your niche alone. It's far more than that. In essence, a blogger is a social person, with strong and valuable views in his topic. He has to update himself daily of whatever is happening in the niche, and post opinions. Also, the blogger has to have tight relationships with the readers and users. Let's see some of the social interaction tips for bloggers.

1. Create About Me Page With Credentials

Your readers, after looking at first few of your articles, want to know who wrote them. So, it is very convenient to display your personal information, with credentials. If you are blogging on behalf of a group or organization, you can make the blog more authentic this way.

2. Read and Embed News Aggregators

A blogger keeps current on the topic news. Also, most bloggers will find it beneficial to show the niche news on the blog itself as a widget. You can do this by showing most dugg posts, Google News widget, or any social widget that concentrates on his niche.

3. Read, Moderate, and Reply to Comments

Keep a strict comment policy, and reply to any comment that requires a reply. The readers of your blog should evolve a belief that you are there to help them.

4. Read and Interact With Reader Blogs

Though on becoming more and more popular it may be almost impossible for you to do this, try your best to visit a reader's blog on similar topic occasionally and imparting valuable suggestions through comments. If possible, even consider guest-posting in them.

5. Acquire Suggestions and Make Changes

It's very important that you ask suggestions to your readers. Improve your blog according to these suggestions. You can be more user-friendly in this through polls, surveys, etc., besides just comments.

6. Social Media Interaction

You should ideally place icons to your social media profiles in your blog. This will help you acquire more friends and build a better network. Remember, however, not to place links to inactive profiles (something I have yet to do).

7. Contribute Globally As Well As Locally

Most bloggers have top publications (online and offline) in their niche. There are publications with a more global reach as well as a local reach. It is very important for you to contribute well to these publications, after becoming quite an authority in the niche with your blog.


Those and many different strategies can be used to develop your blog. If you have more suggestions for better social growth of the blog, please share them through the comments.

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