Use Google Trends for Instant Traffic

Quite a while back, I had three occasions with extraordinary surge of traffic. On those occasions, I found almost three times more traffic a day than that I would normally get. The reason was pretty straightforward, I had written about something hot at the time.

If you are a starting blogger, with somewhat good amount of search engine optimization done on your blog, so that your new posts are picked up by the search engines pretty much overnight, then you are in for a decent amount of traffic with the help of Google Trends.

This Google service is just right for the news buffs. You are to get the hottest keywords of the time. Here is what you need to do.

Go to Google Trends website, look for the keywords at the 'Today's Hot Trends' section. They are updated daily with the most searched keywords from your particular geographical area. Which means, if you write an article about any of the hottest trends listed, you are sure to get a surge of traffic.

Now, your particular niche keyword may not be listed in the hottest trends list. It's not every day that an important event in your niche comes to be listed as among the first ten of the hottest.

But you can pretty much estimate with Trends, which keywords you need to give greatest emphasis to, while writing articles. For this, you need first to make a list of keywords you need to focus on your latest article. Then search in Trends with these keywords separated by comma (maximum five of them), and see the result.

Google Trends will show a graphical view of how popular each of your keywords currently is. This gives you a pretty much estimate of which of the keywords you should give highest emphasis to in your article in order to drive the best amount of search engine traffic.

Trends Tricks

Here are a few tips and techniques you will find handy when using Trends.

1. You can separate the keywords by vertical bar (|) instead of comma to know trends about the searches that contain any of the terms.

2. In order to estimate searches for a collective term, put it in parentheses. As in (Weather in Alasca)|(Weather in Britain)

3. Exclude your search terms by preceding the term with a minus sign. As in Alaska -Ohio

4. Click this to get the trends delivered to your RSS feed reader.

5. In order to suggest new features to the Trends lab, please log on to the Trends page on Google Groups.


Google Trends is a very useful keyword research tool for your blog. If you use it well, you can make it worth your while.

10 Opinions:

  1. This is a very helpful article - thank you :-)

  2. I am still confused as to how to use Google Trends. How do I find what is hot in my niche?

    I tried using the vertical bars | and I didn't get any results.

    I totally do not understand the graph.

    I understand that writing on hot trends can bring a surge of traffic. I just don't understand how to use the Google trends site.

  3. @Wendy
    Did you read the article in full? I have described in it how you should use it. First of all, you need to have a list of keywords which you want to check in Trends for. Then Trends will give you how popular each of them are, by searching by the tricks mentioned in article.

    You can find the first hundred of hot keywords by clicking 'more hot trends'.

  4. Lenin,

    Yes, I read your article several times. I have a list of keywords. I don't understand the results when I type them in. The news articles that appear to the right of the results only show a handful for my niche and only one for this year. Does that mean my niche won't have hot trends?

  5. Okay, I went through the Google Trends site and read more and I understand a bit more now. Is there a way to figure out what keywords you would use to get the best results when writing about a hot trend?

  6. @Wendy:

    When you type in a few keywords and search, the graph shows each keyword in a different color, showing how much searches it had over the past few years. It shows if the number of searches is increasing or decreasing in the graph.

    Also, there is the list of geographical regions from which the most number of searches came in. The links are to the top result pages.

    If your niche keyword or news doesn't appear even in the first hundred hot trends, it may be because nothing new is happening in it now. But wait, check daily, and you may come across a hot trend. For now, all you need to do is research a few keywords about which you would like to write, and search them in trends to see how well each is faring. This will help you find the one to concentrate on.

  7. Thanks for the info.
    A few difficulties with this
    a)your traffic will bounce up and down and you won't control it.
    b)you don;'t have more information on the event than anyone else - so no better information to provide.

    I am looking for a better way to attract natural traffic.

  8. i used to use Google Trends before and it is very effective. Even if your not top in the serps, you still get traffic out of it. Its good for beginners.

  9. Nice article buddy. Google Trends helps us to find keywords which are getting most of the hits in recent time. I regularly make use of Google Trend for both daily news digest and blogging purposes.

  10. I think we can get traffics from google trend keywords even though, we need to write related niche with our blogs/sites, cause if not it would be useless! for example if our blogs about small business meanwhile keywords trends about world cup! it would be hard to get rank well in SERP for hot trend keywords :) I could be wrong though


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