Wikipedia Defeats Microsoft's Encarta

In a shocking revelation this morning, Reuters reported that Microsoft will stop providing its online and offline encyclopedia, Encarta, a rich authentic resource.

The decision, which Microsoft described as "People today seek and consume information in considerably different ways than in years past", will strip us off one of the best student resources available.

Wikipedia's enormous popularity as a free resource, and the ability to search and find any kind of information from the Web using search engines like Google has made MS take this tough decision.

Wikipedia, on the other hand is fully edited by people like you and I, and cannot be trusted more than a self-published book or blog. Though strict moderation is in place, it has way more to go to be regarded as a real encyclopedia. In a Twitter opinion poll we did recently, this was made explicit: Is Wikipedia authentic?

The Encarta service, except in Japan, will cease on October 31 this year, and the one on Japan will cease by December 31.

Share your opinions about this decision by Microsoft if you are already a loving subscriber of MS Encarta. To see the online edition, please visit:

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