ClickBank Ads Reloaded!

Now, as we reported earlier in this CB ads post, ClickBank has come up with the new way to earn more money. You can now create keyword-specific CB ads and display them on your blog through HTML/JS code. The new feature added is called Hop Ad Builder. Here's what you do.

1. Go to ClickBank, and sign in.

2. Click Account settings and then click Hop Ad Builder, the new item added.

3. You will find two options, two choices, Text Ad Builder or Tabbed Ad Builder. I recommend you use the second, as it can be better monetized. The former option looks just like Google Ads and may get lower CTR altogether.

4. Research the most appropriate keywords and use them to automate the ad creation process. Customize the ad box looks and get the JS code to add to your website.

That's it. You got the new CB ad code, which will update itself according to the keywords and settings you have chosen and display them. Look at my sidebar, which has a similar tabbed ad system.

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