Five Tips for Generating More Page Views for Your Blog

For bloggers, the traffic and ad impressions are measured in two ways: daily visits and daily pageviews. In most cases, pageviews are far more important than the visit count. A visitor can come and go, and it will be counted as one pageview. But visitors who view more than one page are the interested parties. They can give more ad impressions and more earnings. So, it is your responsibility as the blogger to gather more pageviews per visit. At least two pageviews per visit is pretty good, though too hard to achieve.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is an important measure of how your traffic is behaving. A bounce happens when a visitor exits without checking any other page of the blog. Your analytics program will show you how much bounce rate you have. It is likely to be above 50 per cent for most starting bloggers. As you mature as professional blogger, you should reduce to as small as 20 per cent.

Tips to Generate More Pageviews

You can generate more pageviews, by making each visitor to check out an internal page. Here are ways for that.

1. Link to Internal Content

You need to consistently link to any interesting and relevant internal page from practically every blog post. One link is enough, and at least one link should be there.

You can place related post links at the end of the blog post, besides within the content.

2. Show Off Popular Posts

You can use widgets to show off the most popular and featured posts on your blog on the sidebar. If you are manually adding them, then use as catchy phrases as possible for the users to click them.

3. Design a Home Page With Links

Many of your blog's users come first to the home page. If you have a home page with only links, and no posts, like mine, that will help you reduce bounce rate, as the user has to click one or more links to visit post pages. You can use the Blogger expandable posts hack for this purpose.

4. Strip Content Off Archive and Label Pages

Making your label (category) pages and monthly archive pages with only links to individual posts not only helps reduce the size of these pages, but also reduces the bounce rate. This is because each user has to click on these links to read it. Check out this tutorial to know how you can strip post content off category pages.

5. Get Navigation Easy

Adding category links and archive links in an accessible region of the sidebar will help reduce bounce rate a lot. You can also add a search box in the sidebar. View mine for reference.


Reducing the number of unique visitors is important. You need to make every visitor a returning visitor, and strategic planning is involved in it. By redesigning navigation and testing several of the above tips you can achieve good results. If any other means worked for you, share them through the comments.

5 Opinions:

  1. I totally disagree with you on this Lenin. Those tactics of taking content off pages and placing only links on them are not only old hat, but also frustrating for new readers who really don't want to have to click all around the site to get a feel for what it's all about.

    "Reducing the number of unique visitors is important" - Surely that's a typo, nobody wants to reduce visitors to their website?

  2. @Mike: Thanks for the comment Mike.

    You wouldn't say that if you know that in Blogger, by default, at least the first hundred posts are shown on the category pages and monthly archive pages. If you have so many posts, it will definitely not load in seconds. That's the reason why I recommend serious bloggers to put links only in archive and category pages. Serious bloggers tend to have a lot of posts, and users are better off seeing links page, which loads in seconds. This is besides the advantage in terms of bounce rate.

    "Reducing the number of unique visitors" means increasing the number of "returning visitors" here. After a while, your blog should have more of returning visitors than first timers. Or put in other words, you should make all first time visitors to sign up on the feed and become returning visitors.

  3. Being a new blogger I found your tips very useful. Thanks for sharing! Getting my bounce rate down is currently one of my primary goals.

  4. Wow! What usable information--and I learned something new.

    I will bookmark this to return for another read-through.

    This gets a Stumble!

  5. thanx a lot buddy...really helpful...

    ill try practicing...


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