Five Ways to Lose Your PageRank Successfully?

As you know, these days, a Google PageRank is in progress, I thought it important to mention a few ways you can lose your PR. If you wish Google not to decrease your PR, simply don't follow these tips. But not to follow them, you need to know about them. So, read on.

1. Make Hidden Links

Go anywhere on your blog and put up a number of links, which have the text and hover color the same as the background. You can make all these links DoFollow. This way, you can help increase the PR of all the sites you link out to and help decrease yours.

Other ways to make hidden links is making the link text, real small. Don't take trouble to make any of these links NoFollow, because that will kill your effort. If you put links to illegal content, Casinos, pornography, and other bad neighborhoods, you can get Zero PR faster.

2. Make Hidden Text

At the top of your pages, make hidden text, with your major keywords. For this, create as many keywords and search queries as possible in a list and put them all at the top of the page, right below the title, with the same text color as the background. Make the font real small to include much more text. With this, you can see your blog chasing for the lowest spot on SERPs.

3. Enable Trackbacks to Bad Neighborhoods

Simply enable trackbacks on your blog, and make all trackbacks DoFollow. Don't forget to disable trackback moderation. There are hopefully many splogs or spam blogs, which will pick up your posts and link to them simply to get a trackback backlink from your site. These links will readily make your blog too look like a splog, which in turn translates to real low PageRank.

4. Don't Moderate Your DoFollow Comments

There are many spam commenters out there. Give them a chance to get DoFollow links from comments in your blog by disabling comment moderation altogether. You will get rich comments that all link out to bad neighborhood sites, and within a few days, you will not only come to zero PR, but also can get your site out of Google's search result pages.

5. Create Pages Meant for Keywords

Stuff keywords on your major pages, which have (sadly) high PageRanks. Put these related keywords at the top and bottom of the respective page.


If you really care for your blog, then do only white hat SEO techniques, which will satisfy all your needs. Black hat SEO may give you some instant traffic and money, but will soon put you out of business.

5 Opinions:

  1. Well, this was evidently an attempt at cute writing. For all of the inverted meanings left me asking outloud, "What?"

  2. Very well said as blackhat techniques will surely put you out of business. I would say walk the tortoise pace rather than rabbit and slowly but steadily you will win the race.

  3. 4. Don't Moderate Your DoFollow Comments

    LOL! :)

    Only a fool would allow unmoderated "dofollow" comments on their blog.

    If you allow "dofollow" comments or user-generated comments with "dofollow" links then you have to be very, very vigilant - otherwise big old Google bot will come along and squash you in the SERPs :)

  4. @AndyW: You are right Andy. And I guess you would like to read the title of the post a bit closely.

  5. I agree I would hate to lose my page rank using blackhat technqiues it would be awful So i stick to white hat at the end of the day its not worth it


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